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If you've never heard of the Japanese chocolate-dipped cookie stick snack Pocky before then you live in a ditch. Or something.

I had never seen Pocky commercials in my life until now. Dan�s Horrendous Waste of Bandwidth links to some Pocky commercials and while commercials generall suck overall, these just make me think "WTF?" Yes, as in double-you tee eff. Hm. I didn't need advertising to make me buy Pocky. AHH! These ads almost make me want to not buy Pocky. I haven't actually eaten Pocky in ages (years maybe?).

Oh well. No Pocky until I lose more weight. I'm shooting for about 10 pounds, which I'll probably never reach, which means I'll just go insane. HOORAY.


update from boingboing:

A note on your post about sex selling Pocky -- a thick layer of irony is being missed here. The stars of the commercial are a female comedy duo called Othello who are clearly hamming it up like crazy, in Japanese that's phrased to sound like mock-sexy French, if you can get your lobes around that.


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