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Green sandwich refrigerator experiment - I've gotten this sandwich a few times (I never knew it was simply called a green sandwich) and it's really good. I figure it has MSG or something magical in it to taste so good.
Lower East Side food itinerary - I passed Katz's Deli for the first time last night. I've neverh ad pastrami though (not knowingly) so I haven't been interested in going there. I'm not big on meat in general. I want to try Yonah Schimmel's someday though, in addition to Kossar's and Donut Plant. Some day. (sigh) Another LES tour: cityrag.

I shouldn't be reading this stuff seeing as I don't even want to go outside in fear of FOOD. Yesterday I ate three navel oranges and six persimmons. THAT'S A LOT OF FOOD! However, I wanted to eat a bag of sugar. Don't ask me why. Today I woke up at 2 PM (went to bed after 5 AM) and have so far eaten one navel orange, one persimmons, and three dumplings. Yup, I gave into the dumplings that have been sitting in my freezer since the beginning of January, or perhaps the end of December. They're still yummy. :\


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