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For some reason I craved knish for dinner. It was partially because I figured Yonah Schimmel's would be open after 9PM, which was when I got out of class, but as I neared the warm glow of its neon sign I was met with SAD SAD KNISH-LESS DARKNESS and SAD. Yes. What are the hours of Yonah Schimmel's? They're open late on Fridays but maybe not on any other day. Or maybe I wasn't meant to eat a knish.

So I got no knish love. Hm. What else is open this late? NOTHING! I mean, lots of restaurants were open (Little Italy was busy as usual) but I didn't want to eat at a regular restaurant by myself. I even went into a bakery on Mulberry St that was brightly lit with craploads of pretty cookies ($10/lb) but I didn't want cookies. At least, I didn't want cookies for dinner (more out of guilt than not having a taste for cookies--I always have a taste for cookies).

Kept going on Mulberry, hoping that Fried Dumpling might be open. Nope. Mulberry below Canal Street is mainly dark and freaky, kind of like Mott St below Canal (since it's mainly produce/meat sellers and they're all closed at night). I was sad and a little iffed by Yonah. There's one way to make Robyn irritate and angry (and how often does Robyn get angry): keep her away from getting food when she is quite determined to get food.

I walked around some more. Went to East Broadway to see if any bakeries were open. NOPE. Went back to Bowery to check another place that looked open but alas had closed at 9PM. I was 30 minutes too late. But then in the distance I saw Everest Diner looking somewhat open. I've passed it a gazillion times but never though much about eating at a diner.

Hm. Hmm! The menu said it was open until 10PM. Score! This place had pancakes. DOUBLE SCORE! I had a real craving for pancakes, which doesn't make sense (I usually crave chocolate during/around my period, which if you're curious enough to know is what I'm having right now...yes RIGHT NOW! Anyway, I didn't get any chocolate craving at all this time, nor have I really been craving any one food, but I've wanted lots of carbs) but pancakes for dinner is a happy dinner.

The place was empty (besides the employees) when I went in although another man came in soon after I did and got an omelette. I ordered the pancakes, of course. (Off topic: Holy crap, my roommate is going to sleep. It's not even 12:30AM! WHAT IS THIS?) I figured I'd go for fruit-topped pancakes instead of plain pancakes; bad idea. The strawberry topping was a strange strawberry goo, although there were real strawberries in it which made it a smidgen better than plain ol' strawberry goo. The pancakes were also a bit burnt.

pancakes eaten pancakes

Despite that, I must REALLY LIKE PANCAKES because I ate most of it (too quickly probably, although I was also keeping in mind that I was staying after 10PM) and was happy that this little diner was open. The woman running the place was nice and even gave me her newspaper to read. The other people who worked there also seemed nice. So overall it was a good experience after being devasated by the lack of open bakeries and my lack of desire for any normal Chinese food fit for dinner.

Bring on the mishapen, burnt, strawberry goo pancakes.

Oh, for lunch I had kim-chee sushi from M2M and a giant hamentashen from Moishe's Bakery that, like last time, was the size of my hand.

kim chee sushi colors

giant hamantashen giant hamantashen is even more giant

After eating the sushi I gobbled up the hamentashen. However, unlike last time when I ate the cookie in two stages, I inhaled this one in one sitting. The cookie is too damn big. When I had 1/3rd of the cookie left I thought "This is really large; perhaps i shouldn't finish it." Can you imagine me leaving a cookie unfinished? Robyn doesn't leave cookies unfinished. They must all meet their doom in my tummy. So I finished it, feeling quite sinful, and then I felt like I wanted another one. Another giant hamentashen would've made my tummy explode by that point but I craved another one, thus proving that hamentashen is equal to a addictive drug, except tastier and cheaper.

I wonder if I'll suffer from hamentashen withdrawal.

I spent over $10. (sigh) Lunch costed $5 and the pancakes were almost $6 (left a dollar for tip though). If I hadn't been so gluttonous and just stopped at lunch I would've only spent $5. Does this mean I shouldn't buy anything tomorrow? Since I have to wake up early I have a feeling I'm going to eat breakfast, so the answer I've passed Khondoker Luncheonette a few times and it looks terribly iffy and run down, which translates to "Robyn wants to eat there!" Pancakes, of's all about the pancakes. Seriously, if I'm in a pancake mood in the morning I'm going there.

Something's wrong with me. I won't be happy when I become obese. Hell, I'm already wheezy; I think all the mucus in my body has collected in my lungs, which is only a little less annoying than having it all collect in my nose. A few years ago it was in my lungs AND my nose, so I guess this is a little better. However, during class I coughed, which made me wheezy. That in turn made me cough some more and for a while I didn't think I could breathe. Methinks I should stop eating wheat to help keep the wheezing down, yet look at me; I ate PANCAKES for dinner and I want MORE PANCAKES for brekkie.

Someone shoot me. Or slap my head with a shoe. I don't know, do SOMETHING!!!

It would be nice if I actually ate with other people. The last time I did that was on Sunday (with my dad) and I had previously said I'd only eat out with the company of others. Then again, I also said I wouldn't eat wheat, or even cooked food. LOOK HOW FAR THAT GOT! Wow, I'm bad at dieting.



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