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Why is this cake so moist?

It's a real question. This cake. This one right here *points* -- why is this so deliciously moist and spongey and light? I didn't know what to expect so I just tore a piece off and popped it in my mouth, which was then filled with spongey delicious moist-ness. Oh, what am I eating? It's one of thsoe sponge cakes that every Chinatown bakery has; it's kind of like a misshapen cone. I thought I had one before but wasn't sure. It tastes eggy, delicious, if I failed to mention that. 50 cents of yuuum.

I've been fooding way too much lately. I'm wondering when I'll break down...*looks at watch*. Not tonight, I suppose.

sammich time
sandwich with eel and veggies and stuff

I did make a sandwich despite that I should never buy a loaf of bread. I ate half of the loaf in one day. But it's still unfinished today, so that's a good sign. I wanted veggies and eel, so that's what my sandwich consists of. I don't know the name of the vegetable but it costed $2.40/pound, if that makes it any more identifiable, ad after steaming it I mixed it with Sriracha sauce and extra virgin olive oil (for some good fat, I suppose). I got a can of roast eel chili for a buck and slapped some of that on top. Yes, SLAPPED! THWOK! Or placed--whatever.

mini chocolate croissant
mini chocolate croissant

Cute, eh? I hadn't had a croissant in ages so I got this little one from Ceci-Cela. NUMMY! Would've been nicer if it had been freshly baked and the chocolate was melty but I wasn't expecting that. Oh, but before the mini croissant I had...

French toast close up
French toasting

French toast from Khondoker Luncheonette. Quite yummy if I'm in the mood for French toast. Then again, it's pretty easy to make so I should probably just make it myself is I so desire. But if I make it I'll probably skip the egg part and just shove the bread into that whole in my head that lets me inhale oxygen/oranges/food.


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