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fooding tour

Today I went on a little fooding tour with my brother, Bert, and longtime friend from middle school, Jesse. They didn't care where we went just as long as we did something so I took them to Great NY Noodletown, a restaurant I've never been to but have heard of a lot.

fried noodles
fried noodles

I heard the noodles were really good (which would make sense). Unfortunately, I didn't get to try any. Jesse ordered noodles and I had also, kind of; due to a mix up I just ended up with beef stew (as opposed to beef stew with lo mein) and I didn't feel like eating after that. That ONLY happens in Chinese restaurants! It's because the not-so-great service makes me feel bad, like I really shouldn't be eating there because they'd rather not have my patronage. Oh well. I might try it again later though.

Then we went to the Doughnut Plant because it was close by and IT'S CALLED THE DOUGHTNUT PLANT.


It was a very small place (well, the storefront) and they didn't seem to have loads of doughnuts but they had the chocolate glazed one I wanted. Bert and Jesse got churros because they were too full for doughnuts. The doughnut costed $2...! But as I hardly ever eat doughnuts I don't see the harm in a little splurge.

I likey the doughnut
I like the chocolate doughnut, oh yes

The doughnut was very soft and airy. As I just said, I don't eat doughnuts much so I don't know what a good doughnut is supposed to taste like. What I DO know is that they shouldn't taste like dense cake, which is what the ones my dad used to buy would taste like, thus fueling my un-desire for doughnuts since childhood. This doughnut was yummy and I want another one and OH GOD it would take the place of the knish in my food obsessed heart if I didn't think it would also clog my heart.

We weren't too far from Sugar Sweet Sunshine, so guess where we went next. JUST GUESS! I dare ye.

sexy red velvet cupcake
hellooo cupcake!

Bert and Jesse didn't get anything since they were full. Do you sense my dilemma? Can you see why I have bouts of insanity every so often? I can eat and not feel full. Then again, I didn't really eat anything for lunch (I only ate a bit of the beef stew and some of Jesse's veggies) but even if I had I would've still been able to eat the cupcake. The cupcake was tasty, moist, not too sweet, a hint of chocolate, but I wasn't very into the icing. I want to try all the cupcakes they sell and I heard the sexy red velvet was good, but I guess it's just not my cup of tea. I would've liked a more flavorful icing (and perhaps more icing on the cake).

We went to the new Union Square Whole Foods, which I had also visited the day before, because it's there and it's WHOLE FOODS and going there is like a new experience every time., that sounds like a really lame slogan. But really, I've been to six Whole Foods by now (three in Manhattan, two in NJ, one in St. Louis) and it's always fun. They all have the same food, some more than others, and have different layouts. I like the Union Square one but sadly, it has gotten to the point where I realize I can get this stuff in NJ and if I'm in NYC surrounded by a plethora of specialty food stores, I may as well go to them instead of Whole Foods. The reason I'd go to Whole Foods so much in NJ was because there weren't many choices. They had the best pastries and nicest produce section. Now I just go to Chinatown for produce (because where else can I buy a tray of persimmons?) and bakeries are EVERYWHERE. But I was on an eating splurge, so...

Whole Foods cookie
lemon, coconut, white chocolate cookie

I got a cookie while we were sitting on the second floor eating area. I never had a cookie with such a combination of flavors before and it worked well. Yummers.

Lastly (can't believe this isn't over yet, eh?) I went to Win49 on Allen St after my 9 PM class. They proclaim that they sell "homey Japanese food" on their sign so I was intrigued. Also, Yonah Schimmel's wasn't open. Anyhoo, the food is homey and I'm sure I'll go there again. During class I had wanted cold soba noodles and they had it right there for me.

<cold soba
mm, noods

I guess I ate too much today. I wonder when I'll start to go insane.


Jennifer / July 5, 2006 1:03 PM

Great NY Noodletown:
This place is the worst place you can go to because I found a fly in my food and they gave me uncooked dumpling where you can still see the powder. DO NOT GO TO THAT RESTAURANT!

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