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the donut of doom

I've never been a big fan of doughnuts (which I'll call donuts from not on because it's easier to spell and you're all used to it) or any breakfast-type food for that matter. Donuts were not found in my house very much when I was growing up but when there were donuts they were alway from Market Basket. For whatever reason their donuts weren't light and fluffy but dense and ...dense. Like a dense cake. I figured all donuts were like that and didn't see the appeal in eating a dense crumbly cake for breakfast.

When I joined the marching band in 9th grade (something I both regret and don't regret at the same time) we always got Dunkin' Donuts at halftime. It was the minute silver lining that came with marching around in a silly costume with funny hats with plumes in them. Even without the uniform it would've sucked. I always got the Boston Cream donuts which were definitely better than the Market Basket ones (okay, I liked them more, doesn't mean they were better) but I was still disgusted that I was eating fried cake with gooey sugary cream in the center, which was probably more fatal than the cake part.

Donut Pub
Donut Pub is sweet-fried-dough-a-licious

Since 9th grade I can't recall eating a whole donut. So about five years later I went to the Donut Pub with Vassar friend Jason who stopped in NYC on the way back to school. So ...donuts? Still good. Not my favorite thing (the being fried thing kills the desirability level a tad) but I'll try a donut from a place called THE DONUT PUB. I guess if it weren't fried I'd absolutely love it but unless I fry something myself I'm iffy about fried foods. I got a coconut cream donut and it was yummy in all its creamalicious creamy liciousness. All the donuts are 90 cents so I felt like it'd make more sense to get something that was less plain that a naked donut. Those are yummy too, of course.

We went to Magnolia Bakery after that, making it my third time there this vacation. I didn't want more cupcakes (or any cake after that donut) and after trying their banana pudding I really don't know why the cupcakes are so hot. Yes, that's just my personal opinion seeing as I'm more of a fan of the insanely sweet icing than the cake (ironic since I hate most sweet icing) but the banana pudding is absolutely's...the pudding...good lord. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of their banana pudding. I didn't think that right away. First off I thought, "Hey, this is really good!" And then I ate more and realized it wasn't like pudding, but more like a banana mousse with nilla wafers and banana chunks in it. So if you don't like the texture of mousse and prefer an absolute smooth non-airy pudding, this is not the pudding for you. I loved how it was light and fluffy, but very filling at the same time. The regular size is $3.75 and the large is $5. Regular is more than enough for one so I guess the large would be the right amount for two people. Jason got a pumpkin bar, which was yummy but the icing was too sweet. Sweet icing works with the cupcakes because the cake doesn't have a distinct taste, but pumpkin bar? PUMPKIN! Not sugar!

food from Indian Bread Co
It's full of meeeat

More walking took us to Other Music for a bit of CD splurging on my part, and then back to Bleeker to go to Indian Bread Co. It's a small place that's kind of like a take out restaurant but there's a decent amount of space to sit in. I got a thing with lamb in it (and a mango lassi, which I've never had before; it's good if you like mango and a hint of yogurt) because I hadn't had meat all week and figured I may as well get some meat in my system. At first glance I thought it was kind of small but it was really filling, so my perception is a bit whacked. There seemed to be a perfect amount of spices. I couldn't tell what any of them were but I liked em. Mm, ignorance is yummy. As for the reviews on that page, maybe the food preparationg time depends when you go because Jason and I received our food fairly quickly (we were there at around 2PM).

I don't predict myself going to the Donut Pub or Indian Bread Co very much in the future but as for the pudding...oh yes. Good stuff.


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