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diet time + links

I decided to start a "no wheat or rice or other things resembling wheat or rice" diet today because wheat and rice = Robyn death. So what did I eat?

  • an apple
  • a clementine
  • two persimmons
  • a bunch of snow peas cooked in some butter
  • an egg
  • some herbal throat candy
  • half of a chocolate truffle my roommate fed me (really, she was like "eat this! now!" okay, not like that)

More than enough food for one day. I hope to eat like this for at least another two weeks. How easy will it be? With school starting I probably won't eat with people very much and as long as I stay away from Magnolia Bakery I won't be eating pudding (which I guess doesn't have rice or wheat besides the nilla wafers, but I shouldn't eat that). I can technically eat ice cream but I shouldn't eat that either.

SO GET READY FOR A HEALTHIER ME! If I don't go insane first, that is. I did a "no wheat or rice" diet a few months ago for two weeks, two weeks because I was going nuts. I think I have a better grasp of food now and at that time persimmons weren't in season. I bought a box of 20 persimmons today (sharon fruit) so I'm happy. They're so damn good.

School starts tomorrow (er, today) and the only class I have is an evening class, Food Microbiology and Sanitation. Fun! I have a morning class on Tuesdays but it starts next week so I can sleep in. Woo.

Oh, time for some links so you don't have to hear me talk about my eating habits anymore...

The Amateur Gourmet - Cinema Veritaste: "We Eat Chinatown": Holy crap, awesome! This little movie covers a bunch of places in Chinatown and food, of course. I'm a big fan of scallion pancakes (I don't eat them much because they're fried though) and if you haven't had em...well, you should. The first time I had them was during my first trip to Taiwan. I LOVE turnip cakes! They're mainly cake but there's some turnip in them...maybe. That and little bits of meat things. Meat bits! I haven't had a turnip cake in a long time but they're yum yum yum aagrhgar yum damn.

Gallery of Regrettable Food - Not a new site but one of the funniest food related sites I've been to. Any food that makes me lose my appetite has to be amazingly bad.

The Food Timeline - Interesting. I wouldn't want to eat that prehistoric diet of water, rice, salt, eggs and fish. ...Actually, that could be a perfectly good meal. Or bad if you stuck it all in a blender.


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