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New Year's Eve and Chinese food

I went to the Moon House Restaurant with my brother and Diana on New Year's Eve, which was the second time for Diana and me. Good food in portions much bigger than we'd think as what happened before.

Pork buns, aka soup dumplings!

We (or rather I) ordered the pork buns and scallion pancakes. YUMMY! The scallion pancakes were especially good compared to some others I've had in Chinese restaurants (which sometimes come out burned). I used to eat scallion pancakes (or something like them) from a street vendor in Taiwan. They were totally greasy but so delicious. Sooo. Delicious.

My "mixed vegetables over rice" was something like $3.50. It was good but I couldn't finish it! Too many appetizers, I guess.

We got a lot of food. The sauce was a bit too overpowering but it was still good. And it was cheap, so I can't complain eh? I wasn't very into Diana's noodles but she seemed to like them. It was just such a HUGE DISH! IT CAME IN A GLASS PIE CONTAINER! That's nuts. I mean, that's what we use in my house to serve...the whole family. Hm.

I've never had any of these cakes at Fayda Bakery but they look SO GOOD! I had a mango smoothie with black tapioca, which was yum.

Cake. Boy, I love cake. But Bert and Diana wanted drinks so I got that instead. I'm not a drink person for some reason. I don't have that thing in my brain that triggers thirst, unless I've eaten a large amount of MSG. Which is a bit scary.

We all walked up to the Village Theater, the Village, to see Dave Gorman's Googlewhack! Adventure and we got vouchers for a free glass of champagne. I swear that it smelled like cheese. I mean, it smelled like alcohol but had a bit of a cheese smell too, and not a good one. I refused to drink it but took a tiny sip (like maybe one lap, if I were a dog) Just no. Blech. I don't like alcohol. Anything that ruins the taste of chocolate to the point where I can't eat the chocolate is on my "do not consume" list. The show was hilarious by the way and you should all see it if you can (it ends in NYC on January 9th). YOU MUST SEE IT! Yes.

My brother and I went to a supermarket after the show for some junk food to ring in the new year. That means ICE CREAM! MMM! I got pistachio and chocolate ice cream (not mashed together, half and half) and it was delicious. Mm, I love ice cream. Ice cream and cake = mm.

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