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Dim Sum at Golden Unicorn

Yesterday I went to Golden Unicorn with my mum and Diana for lunch. Dim sum is always best with as many people as you can gather, in this case three people. So not a whole lot. A lot of dim sum dishes come in groups of three (because it's a lucky number I think?) so it was perfect. It's probably the closest dim sum restaurant to my dorm since it's at the beginning of East Broadway and I (and my mum) had heard good things about it. It was a little smaller than I thought it would be and thankfully not really crowded when we went (a little before noon). It got more crowded while we were there and we were surprised at how many non-Asian people were there. Not that they were necessarily tourists, but it's a pretty popular place.

The first cart that came by had dumplings. So we decided to, a lot of them. All yummy, of course.

I know there are people who don't like dim sum but seeing all those little carts with cute little foods all the time screams out EAT ME, YOU KNOW YOU MUST EAT ME and then you eat them and you think YES THAT WAS YUMMY, MORE MOORE and those ladies are always coming around with those carts. So. ...that was a very poorly constructed sentence but dim sum does that to you, maybe. If you're psychologically impaired to begin with.

Dumplings we got included seafood, shrimp/shark's fin, veggie, leek, and other things chopped up and stuffed in little pouches of love. Pouches made of rice and wheat. That's love to me. I need help. We also got the flat rice noodle thing with stuff in it (if you've seen it you know what I mean, right?), sticky rice in lotus leaf, soup dumpling (rather strange...not bad, but I thought there would be more dumpling than soup), meat (beef) balls (my mum loves em) and possibly other things.

Fried sesame rice balls are one of my favorite desserts. I guess if you're not used to the texture you may not like it. BUT IT'S SO YUMMY! ARE YOU CRAZY?! Oh wait, that's me.

I don't eat dim sum that much but it's easy to get carried away. The three of us ended up plowing through 13 or so dishes. I almost wanted to puke by the end of it (being a little sick didn't help) but it was worth it. I think. I didn't puke, if you're wondering.

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