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strangely unhungry

I went to bed sometime after 5 AM last night/this morning and woke up after 1 PM. Damn. I didn't eat until 2-something, at which time I ate a persimmon and the last lotus seed paste bun. I was out of food that wasn't fruit by that point and later I strolled around Chinatown, planning to get vegetables buns at the dumpling place on Grand Street but was horrified to find out that THEY HAD NONE. [sob] No veggie buns for me.

Mm...mountains of dumplings...

I went to the Fancy Food Market on Elizabeth St (and Mott, if you walk through it) and got a huge bag of 50 vegetable dumplings. You don't notice how heavy 50 dumplings are until you carry it around for another good half an hour. Oops. I also bought a pack of 4 pork and chives buns because I wanted some kind of bun and there weren't any veggie ones. [another sob moment] Noticing the lack of fresh vegetables, I looked around for something green and leafy but instead got a pound of snap peas for $1. $1 of peas for a dollar...not bad. That's a huge meal, if all you wanted to eat were snap peas.

Dumplings, veggies, and soy sauce

What goes with dumplings? Soy sauce! Mm, liquid brown sodium, that's my thing. Chinatown isn't exactly brimming with nice sauces (aka ones without funky ingredients) so I went to the Jubilee near my dorm and got a bottle of organic tamari soy sauce. God forbid I go to a supermarket to just buy a bottle of sauce though; I also bought a pint of Ben & Jerry's pistachio ice cream. [hangs head in shame] In Chinatown I had walked into two bakeries and did not feel the urge to buy anything. TWO BAKERIES! I SAID TWO! What happened? I think I had been pastried out by the massive number of lotus seed buns I ate in the past few days (6 of them). It's not like I couldn't go for some cake or cookies but there wasn't anything in particular that I wanted.

Dinner was strange; I wasn't very hungry. I'm not sick and I don't feel like I ate a crapload of food, but I'm very un-hungry at the moment. For dinner I had:

  • a persimmon
  • a pork bun
  • 7 veggie dumplings (they're pretty big)
  • a bunch of snap peas (maybe a fourth of a pound)

...okay, to most people this is a lot of food, but to me it's not. I know stomachs aren't that big though, so god knows what's up with mine

[note: later that night (, 1 AM) I ate the other three dumplings. Does food taste better the later it is? Maybe because my brain cells were dying out.]

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