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more about the new food guidelines

New York Times has an article about the new US health guidelines: Complying With Marching Orders (registration required, but if you don't have a NYT account by now you may as well get one). It's an interesting read if you find any of this stuff...well, interesting. The author mentions stir frying, which I realized is pretty much how I've been eating lately with my snow peas. I use about a third of a tablespoon of butter to cook with and after shoving in some snow peas and an egg, my meal is done in a few minutes. A monkey could stir fry; it's incredibly easy. Then again, my stiry fry only has two ingredients. As for giving up meat, I don't see how this is difficult but it's all a matter of personal taste.

Today has been day two of no wheat or rice. It's been okay except that I did get back from school for dinner until after 10 PM, at which point I made the yummy snow peas and eggs. I have one egg left so I'm going to go about getting more tomorrow (today) at the farmer's market. I'll have to avoid the cookies though.

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If I benefit from my no wheat or rice thing (it's not no-carb, just to clarify things) I'll let you know.


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