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this and that and a bit of ice cream

I did much fooding today. SOCIAL FOODING! And some non social fooding. First I meet up my old roommate from last year, Kathryn, and we ate lunch at Cozy Soup 'n Burger. It was pretty good, although not having had many hamburgers in the past, I don't know HOW good. I liked the burger was pretty thick and didn't taste like it was full of crap. I got the California Burger, which was basically a normal burger but specifically said it had lettuce tomatoes, onions, and mayo. So that made it Californian. Um.

...yeah. When I got back to my dorm I finished off the Maxim's cookies and some truffles my mum got me. So all the food she brought me on Wednesday is GONE. I really pack it away. I'm really fat right now.

Andy came by and we ventured out at around 7:15 ish for the Moving Units concert. We stopped by the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory first, since...well, I love ice cream. I got a two scooper, one of taro and one of almond cookie. Andy got the lychee sorbet on a whim. I liked the ice cream (duh, as though I wouldn't) but the taro could've been for flavorful, I think. It was almost like vanilla with some taro chunks. Taro ice cream I've had in Taiwan was much more...taro-ee. The almond cookie one was really yummy. :) By the time we walked to the Bowery Ballroom (in the cold rain, what perfect weather for ice cream) I hadn't finished so Andy helped eat a lot of it. Bwahaha! I DIDN'T EAT IT ALL BY MYSELF! That was the first time I got two scoops though.

After the concert (I swear, venues should sell milkshakes insteaed of alcohol) we walked back towards Water Street looking for a place to possibly eat at in Chinatown. I wanted a bakery but New Wonton Garden was open. I had been there once before with Melanie but I wasn't very hungry at the time. I still wasn't that hungry but...their food is awesome! We were there after midnight but there were a good number of people in there (for that time). I got the "Fish Meat with Rice Noodles In Casserole" even though I had no idea what it was, but it was really good. Phew. Maybe you can't go wrong in that restaurant. Andy got curry chicken and it was really good. I know because I ate about a third of it. AND I ATE ALL OF MY FOOD. It's kind of disgusting. The casserole was extremely hot (my mouth is burned) with lots of nice veggies, a good amount of fish, and thick rice noodles at the bottom that I can't just have to see it. It was all covered in a brown sauce. What was in it? [shrugs]

And the weird thing is that my stomach doesn't seem to fill. Food almost immediately goes into my intestines, making some kind of intestinal...brick...thing. It's gross, actually, since I know it's just full of food. Sometimes I don't think I even have a stomach.


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