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mm...fried Chinese thing

fried Chinese dessert thingy that I love love love

So I don't know what that dessert is called, but it's a bundle of fried goodness. Yeah, I usually don't eat fried food but...but. HELLO! IT'S YUMMY! Okay, bad reason. It's a dessert. I can't say I eat many sweet fried things. I got the dessert thing (2/$1) and three veggie buns (3/$1) at a corner at Chatham Square. That's not very specific, but I know where it is. Right...THERE! Yes. There. This guy sells it outside of a place that sells noodles and tofu.

I was very bad today, food-wise. Over the course of a day I consumed:

3 veggie buns
2 of those fried dessert things
a pack of Ballerina cookies (14 in a pack?)
a bar of Firklover hazelnut chocolate
a bunch of little French shortbread cookies
1 orange
3 persimmons
some corn chips

And I could eat more. Scary. Something is wrong with me. I got the cookies and chocolate from my mum, who in turn got them at EPCOT center. I asked her to get me something from the Norway pavillion. :) Obviously, I can never actually go there. Or Norway. It would be a repeat of the biscuit-binging I did in England.

I stopped by M2M today to look at their noodles and they seem to have everything contained within half an aisle. Then again, they have to cover all the "asians" theres rice, wheat, and potato noodles. I should get something from there.

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