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fruited to death

I ate an obscene amount of food today. The fruit alone:

3 navel oranges
4 persimmons...maybe?

When you lose count, that's a bad sign. I also ate six mini meat bun things (because they come 6 per pack, which costs a dollar; I would have opted for veggie buns but there weren't any) and two of those fried Chinese dessert things I talked about before. That wasn't over the entire day though, that was ONE MEAL. For lunch I had fruit and my roommate's corn chips and marshmallows. I ate a lot of corn chips and marshmallows...not because I actually like corn chips and marshmallows but because they're there, and they've BEEN there for ages. I honestly have no idea why my roommate keeps so much food around that she barely eats. I threw out a loaf of her bread today because it was molding and it's been there for weeks (or maybe she's had it more months, who knows). I ate some of her Cheerios too, a no-no considering my cereal eating habits.

Oh, I bought the Chinese food today after trekking through fairly cold windy rain. That's how attached I am to food. Sure, it wasn't a long walk to East Broadway (10-15 minutes) but my thighs felt like they had frozen and my pants and shoes were quite wet. Not a great idea. I shouldn't have even eaten today. :(

I think I must weigh a ton by now but I don't know what to do about it. ...okay, I obviously know what I could do (eat less) but am I willing to? I probably wouldn't even go outside if I didn't have to buy food.


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