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stupid vegetables

I made the same thing for dinner today as yesterday except decided to not cook the veggies since that make them shrink down to a tenth of the original size. I chiffonaded the veggies (I dunno if I used that term correctly) and plopped the noodles on top (which all seem to coagulate today; how do I stop that from happening? I mixed olive oil with the noodles).

Result: THE VEGGIES ARE SO GODDAMN BITTER. They nearly ruined the noodles, which were tasty. So that's why you have to cook em. Even though I'm all like WEE for cooking, veggies taste bad. It's not like their inedible uncooked (like grains, which are pretty inedible for the most part...yet I just ate a crapload of rice), but they taste bad for a reason. Vegetables aren't meant to be eaten and the ones that taste worse I'm assuming have built up toxins as to ward off predators. BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO BE EATEN! So why am I eating them? I hope I got a crapload of nutrients and water soluble vitamins since I didn't cook em. Dammit. My mouth feels weird. Once I ate raw kale and my throat burned. Kale tastes good cooked.


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