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I cooked!

Yes, I cooked today. It was the first time I cooked food in a while that involved more than boiling water and steaming buns.

But that was dinner. What did I do for lunch? I can't remember. I'm going to assume I ate clementines and a marshmallow. My roommate gave me my Christmas gift: a mini-cake and a bag of handmade marshmallows! GOOD GIFT, YES. Really, I'm so easy to get a present for, assuming you don't have to mail it to me. CAKE. MADE OF CHOCS. AND MARSHMALLOW. YES. I gave her headphones, if you're wondering...cos she asked for them.

Digestives. YES. ENGLAND HAS FOUND ME and will now make me fat with delicious junk food.

I went to a food market on Mott Street that I had never been to in search for rice noodles. Among many other foodstuffs in the market there were two nice things I had in England over the summer: digestives and Ribena. Ribena was less nice, but if I wanted a sugar boost that was the way to get it. Of course, I bought a pack of digestives and now I will die from digestive-overload.

All these people want VEGGIES.

Other than the oh-so healthy digestives and rice noodles, I bought a huge bunch of some green veggie. As for what kind of veggie it was, I don't know.

I cooked the veggies until their wilted down to nothing.

I cooked the veggies and splodged peanut sauce on em because that's all I had. Then I boiled about half of the rice noodles and put them in the pan with the veggies. And then I consumed said noodles and veggies in what felt like 5 seconds. I guess it was longer since it would be impossible to eat all that in 5 seconds, but let's just say it was TOO FAST. Do I even chew? Do you have to chew rice noodles? I guess not.

The marriage between two of my favorite food groups: cake (pastries in general) and chocolate.

After more digestive consumption and clementines, I ate the It was damn good. My roommate got it from Polka Dot Cake's a STUDIO. Not a bakery. Don't get it wrong, mmkay? I feel like I must go there but at the same time I should NEVER GO THERE, lest I want to become a cake monster.

There are loads more photos. SEE THE LINKY.

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