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cookies and sushi, oh my

For lunch I cooked the rice noodles and veggies again. No more rice noodles. Something tells me it was supposed to last longer than three servings. I was completely stuffed after lunch and though, "Crap, I really have to eat less. Yeah...YEAH! That's it. Diet time.

British junk food-ness

I received a lovely box of British foodstuffs from Lee today! So the aforementioned diet plan is over, but who cares? Yeah? YEAH! The package filled up my whole mail box. ;) The contents of the box:

two Aero bars
a Flake bar
white hot chocolate powder + mini marshmallows
milk chocolate coins
box of six packs of mini Jammie Dodgers
ginger candy

I definitely was NOT expecting so much! So I thank Lee to death with my stomach. Bwahahaha. Or whatever receptors in my brain that respond to yummy things. I'm looking forward to trying the white hot chocolate (er, hot white chocolate?) so I think I shall buy some milk.

Mm, banana sushi

I went to Ginger with Vassar friend Amy. She wanted to eat Japanese food so I set out to find a good Japanese place in the East Village (out of 20-something or possibly 30-something in the area). I'm glad I stumbled upon sushinyc and the nice review for Ginger. The banana crunch sushi sounded intriguing (also has the tempura flake stuff and spicy tuna) and was surprisingly yummy. I want more. MORE! I was afraid the spinach sushi would be boring since...well, it's spinach, but there was a huge hunk of spinach in the sushi and it was YUM. I haven't been to any other sushi places in NYC but so far Ginger is my favorite. Um. YES. By default, but it's very nice. They take your coat and give you warm towels when you sit down. :)

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