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pigging out on non-wheat

Eggs and veggies; the lunch of champions. Or not.

That was my lunch. On to dinner:

Quinoa = good, oh yes it's good

I bought red quinoa (about $5) today because of my goal to not eat wheat or rice (however I'll probably eat some tomorrow since I'm eating out with friends) but eating a cup of quinoa probably defeats the purpose of that. I also ate veggies but they steamed a lot faster than the quinoa cooked (duh) so I ate that first. My mum recommended quinoa to me and I know I like it. Too much. Good lord, I can't cook anything or buy anything in large quantities. A cup of quinoa is four servings. I ate all of it with varyin degrees of seasoning (plain, with oil and sauce, with oil and another sauce) and I know I could've eaten all of it plain. It's good, has a nice texture to it and cooks very quickly compared to similar foods, such as rice.

Quinoa gets a big thumbs up. But next time I have to make less. :(

I think I ate a million calories today:

  • two eggs
  • one cup of quinoa
  • three navel oranges
  • one persimmon
  • a 6 ounce bag of spiced taro chips
  • a bunch of some green veggie (twice of what's pictured here)
  • some of my roommate's low-fat no sugar ice cream that could probably kill someone from it's lack of real food-ness

Seriously, I need to buy my own ice cream just so I don't eat that crap. I AM SO BAD AT CONTROLLING MYSELF! Isn't that a problem? A mental one? Of course I have a mental problem. I'm crazy.

So overall I didn't eat anything very bad besides the chips (I put sauce on the veggies and quinoa but I don't think it amounts to much. Also ingested OLIVE OIL, but that's good fat, mm), I just eat a whole lot. I took a nap today for god's sake. Now I have to cram for my test tomorrow.


FangirlAmee / December 22, 2004 12:07 PM

Uh this is a really round-about way of posting a comment. I just wanted to say that at first glance that quinoa looked like corn beef hash and I was like "Whoa, Robyn eats corn beef hash?". Have you ever had corn beef hash? Basically its just ground up beef and potatoes. Meat and potatoes, yum! Maybe I should come with you to Chinatown one day, so I can help you identify the vegatables you buy. I think I can tell what they are in Cantonese, but I guess that wont be of much help...

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