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fluffy happy yellow plops

I've decided to cut out (or at least cut down) my wheat and rice consumption. That includes cookies and cakes, thus I have not eaten cookies and cakes in at least 36 hours. 36 HOURS! YES! Actually, I won't eat any more of that stuff for the rest of the day so that will stretch to a whole NON IMPRESSIVE 48 HOURS SANS WHEAT/RICE!

So what did I eat yesterday?

The last two items were from Lee, so because of him I gots me some SUGARRRS! Not that I really need it, but you know...SUGARS! The hot white chocolate is yum. Milk tastes much better when it's sweet. If I drink any more milk I think I'll heat it and shove some sugar into it because I have a bag of cane sugar that will otherwise go to waste.

Oh, today's subject is brought to you by SCRAMBLED EGGS! For my entire life I didn't like scrambled eggs (or eggs in general). The only eggs I could bring myself to eat were hard boiled. Scrambled eggs resembled vomit in my opinion (well, not really, but they made me feel nauseous so I associated the two) and I'd certainly never choose to eat them. However, I bought eggs today as my wheat replacement (because they're EXACTLY THE SAME, not) and decided to do some scrambling for the first time in my life.

And...they're good! My view of different foods has probably changed due to my intro to foods course but scrambled eggs are nice. They're fluffly happy yellow plops that cook in what seems like two seconds. And they're fluffy and cute. And they're plops. They're awesome. My previous scrambled egg eating experiences may have been bad. I whisked in what may have been too much milk with the eggs but the milk makes it better, and I didn't cook it until it was all brown and junk. Cos that means you did it TOO LONG, and I've definitely seen browned scrambled eggs before. Of course, maybe people just like em that way. But I like mine in fluffly happy yellow plop form. Like this:

( p l o p )

If scrambled eggs said plop, that is. I bet I could eat a dozen eggs today. I wonder how much worse that is for my health in comparison to other bad eating things I have done, such as eating entire loaves of BREAD or boxes of cereal or raaar. Eggs. Mm. Oil.

I didn't just eat eggs for lunch. Also steamed some veggies from Chinatown which means I don't know what kind of veggies they are, but be sure that they're green. Dark green. I equate dark green to minerals and vitamins but who knows. I also equate dark green to "makes you want to puke if eaten raw". Steaming is the easiest way to cook, I suppose. But scrambling eggs is pretty damn easy.

Oh, I forgot to buy butter. Dammit. I have to buy butter. I knew I was forgetting something when I was at the supermarket (Wholesome Market on University Place and 11th if anyone cares to know). Oh, I also bought quinoa, so maybe I'll eat that tonight.


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