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I started my day with the same food I ate yesterday: veggies and eggs. YUM. It is pretty good, but I was still hungry. Since I suck, I went to Jubilee (the closest supermarket, although rather expensive) and got a 5 oz bag of olive oil potato chips and a pound of organic unsalted butter. It costed nearly $8, which seems like a lot for a pound of butter. WHY DID I BUY IT?! Oh well, it will last me a looong time, figuring I'm just using it for cooking and not to make pastries.

So eating the whole bag of chips was not a good idea. Uh huh. Remind me of that the next time I get the urge to buy chips. I almost bought a bar of dark baking chocolate but I put it back at the end. YES! So I have some sense! A tiny amount, but it's still there.

Soup dumplings from Joe's Shanghai

For dinner I went fooding with Vassar friend Joan and her brother Ronald who are visiting from MD. And we went to CHINATOWN of course. We went to Joe's Shanghai, which is known for it's soup dumplings. They were yummy, although I didn't like putting vinegar on it like you're "supposed" to, methinks? Each one of us also got a noodle dish and since we finished everything, we were appropriately stuffed at the end. I thought I couldn't move due to over noodled organs, but of course I was fine less than 10 minutes later.

Someday I'll buy this Chinatown Ice Cream Factory shirt

So we got ice cream afterwards, of course. There's a separate, secret compartment for dessert hidding in your digestive system. We went to Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and I ended up getting pistachio. YUM! It's GOOD! YES! PISTAAACH! Every time I go there I get a different flavor; so far I've had ginger, almond cookie, taro, and pistachio. What to get next, hmmm.

Back in the dorm I had a piece of cake Joan got me from Taipan Bakery. Aw. CAKE! Cake = happy Robyn. Maybe more sickly feeling Robyn, but damn...good cake. I love Chinese bakery cake, it's so not-very-sweet and nice and soft.

Another food related thing: my nutrition and health final. I think I passed. I'm rather sure I passed. And that's all I know. But it's over and that's what matters.

Oh, I didn't get to mention the comments. Yup, they're splodgey. I would get spam in ALL MY BLOGS when I used MT 2.something so now I'm using the typekey majiggy. Either that or no comments at all, so I hope you all decide to register with typekey and give them your soul. I mean. Uh. Whatever. :) As for corned beef hash, I remember having it once in my life in a buffet in southeast asia. I swear, I think it was somewhere there in a hotel. It tasted pretty good. It was probably full of life threatening things. I like being oblivious to vegetable names and just picking them out, but yeah Amy, you could help me sometime!


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