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last food lab

my chicken pot pie rocks your chicken pot pie

Tonight was my last food lab ever! Kind of sad but it was also nervewracking up until class was done. Each person had to make a chicken pot pie for the final assessment (and perform knife skills and answer questions about cooking). My chicken was overcooked, some veggies oversteamed, and the crust was a tad too tough, but I ate every bite. Maybe food just tastes better when you make it yourself. I made my chicken pot pie semi curry flavored (I should have put chili in it). Besides the chicken the veggies were carrot, parsnip, turnip, kale, mushroom, celery, brussel sprouts, and pearl onions. The sauce was made of flour, butter, chicken stock, and half and half. Mm. The crust seemed most disasterous.

But I finished. I thought I was about to cry at some points but it's OVER and I think I got an A in the class. Maybe. WEE! And chicken pot pie is yummy. Mm.

My room is seriously lacking water. Tomorrow I'm going to buy another case of water from Staples.

Besides the chicken pot pie, I lived on other people's food today. So I didn't spend any money on food, wee! I ate a bite of Grace's cake that she got at Barnes & Noble when we saw Rufus Wainwright perform (aweeesome) and some food in my intro to food lecture since people were giving presentations

What's the plan for tomorrow? I'm not sure. My mum is coming to bring me some stuff, such as Norwegian foods she got at EPCOT center! AWESOME! That's as close to Norway as I'm going to get, unfortunately.

I haven't been to Chinatown in a while. Scary. I'm going on Thursday though, don't worry. Thursday is Chinatown (well, school and laundry beforehand) and then Moving Units concert, WEE.

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