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Hawaiian food?

This morning for lunch I finished off the jap chae and spinach. And the white bean pastries. And a few slices of my roommate's yummy pudding pumpking chocolate chip bread. Basically, I didn't eat much in nutritional value.

So I continued the trend for dinner. I ate dinner rather late (10 PM) because I had gone to a taping of the Carson Daly show, not knowing I'd still be on a subway at 9 PM. L&L Barbecue recently opened on Fulton Street (or dangerously close to where I live), so I stopped in. I forget what was previously there but it had just opened last month. It looked clean, food looked yummy, and if I'm going to eat any fast food it may as well be a place I haven't been before.

For about $5 I got a filling dinner of rice, curry chicken kastu (one of my favorite foods from the food court at Mitsuwa, even though its not healthy...oh well), a tiny salad and some macaroni salad. This was the "mini" portion. God knows what the regular one is. It's probably a bad thing I went there because now I want to go back. RIGHT NOW! It's a good deal although I don't know how receptive people who've never eaten that kind of food would be to it. Cheap and yummy and filling, what else would you want?


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