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birthday eating

Due to the even of Diana's 22nd b-day, her, Ava, and I got together for lunch! We went to Quintessence, a raw food restaurant I used to frequently go to when I was a raw foodist. I've eaten there with Diana three or four times in the past and she has taken a liking to it. ;)

raw chips and guacamole

I got the savory asparagus crepe, Diana the sweet mango crepe, and Ava the granola and nut milk. It was pretty good and everyone else enjoyed their food too. Ironically, as much as I love sweet food (in the form of baked goods and ice cream), I'm not crazy about sweet foods in raw cuisine. If I go back on the weekend during brunch, I want to try the spinach pot pie. It would be interesting to see what a raw pot pie is like.

M2M has yummy fooood

We walked around a bit wondering what to do next. I had M2M on my mind because I AM A GLUTTON FOR ASIAN FOODS BWAAHAHAHA! I wanted some kind of bean paste pastry and I got a pack of 6 cute little white bean paste wrapped in some kind of wheat things. (Yeah, thats my description.) They were yummy, kind of like something from Minamoto Kitchoan but less expensive. Which is good. I also got the standard 1 lb of jap chae and spinach appetizer. Oh, and a pack of "Koala March" filled cookies, which you'll definitely know if you've seen em before. I haven't had them in YEARS, but when I was little I'd eat em all the time. The pack I got this time was, I think, chocolate cookie with coconut milk filling. I couldn't really tell it was coconut milk flavored but it was yummy. The cuteness of eating koala shaped cookies made it taste better.

I probably overate today, but I didn't finish all my noodles or spinach. I remember the first time I bought that pack of jap chae I finished it, which made me avoid it for about two months. I have no idea how I finished it that first time because I think I only ate half of it today and the other day when I got it. Hm.


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