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everything is good fried

I met up with Diana for some fooding in Chinatown since she had to get stuff from Pearl Paint. We wandered around a bit, entering a bunch of restaurants that were too crowded and almost getting stuck at an impossibly small, cornered in seat at New Wonton Garden. Um. NO. So we went to Moon House Restaurant, which wasn't crowded when we went but became more so after we got there.

I hadn't had fried rice in ages. It's good. Duh.

I got fried rice and Diana got seafood noodle soup and veggie dumplings. I didn't expect to get so much fried rice for $4.25. Gah. I remember getting a fried rice dish in Chinatown in England and...well, everything there was much more expensive. A lot of people at the restaurant were eating meat buns or scallion pancakes so I want to go back and try those in all their unhealthi-ness. Mm.

After fooding we went towards East Broadway so I could buy oranges. Tomorrow (well today, rather) will be mainly FRUIT! I SWEAR! Please. Yeah. Or who knows. No one knows. On the way to the fruit I pointed out the $1 bags of cake that I luurve and Diana told me her mum makes that stuff! WHY DOESN'T MY MUM MAKE THAT? Rather, why doesn't she make any Chinese food? It's amazing, she tells me about all the stuff her mum made but my mum never picked it up. And neither will I. I know how to make chicken pot pie though. I WIN.

Part of my dinner. Erm.

I ate some oranges, chocolate, and ice cream for dinner. Yeah, why am I still alive? I have no idea.

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