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Istanbul Restaurant (Turkish)

On Tuesday I ate at Istanbul Restaurant in Ridgewood with my mum. We wanted to eat out somewhere and I had been interested in that restaurant for ages. It had this COMING SOON sign while it was being built, but it wasn't really that soon. It should've said COMING LATER. I became a raw foodist before it opened. But I got to try it and like most food, I enjoyed it. MM, TURKISH!!!

Yummy appetizer described as a flaky pastry with cheese, which I would compare to a spring roll but lighter. And with cheese.

My mum and I got two appetizers because we're pigs. Mm, pigs. And we also had a basket of warm pita bread. Pita bread is one of the happier breads. Its round, soft, and does not need to be hacked at with by a knife resulting in wayward crumbs/unattractive bread corpse. This happens sometimes with other kinds of loaf-ee breads. Or is it just me?

STUFFED CABBAGE! It's the tastiest way to eat cabbage.

So within one week I've had stuffed cabbage twice for the first times in my life. It's good stuff. Stuffed things are nice as long as it's not one of those turducken things, which is just frightening.

So if you're ever in Ridgewood and you like light cheesy foods with very light spices then check out Istanbul. My mum and I were there at around 6 and it was empty (it was also very cold and a bit snowy though). Howevey, the place soon filled up and many people came by for take-out.

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