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NYU fooding

I met up with Grace for lunch around the NYU area. We went to the Sunrise Mart after going to Otofuku and seeing it was closed.

Jap chae with rice and stuffff

Grace and I bought some Korean food from the store (my bowl was $4; I also bought "Zoo Land printed biscuits" for $1.09) and went to McDonalds to eat it. I guess they didn't care, haha. Not like there wasn't enough space inside and we didn't use their bathrooms.

Grace suggested ice cream and I always being in the mood for ice cream happily agreed to seek some out. ;) I took her to Mary's Dairy, which I went to once before. It's yum. But before that, we took a quick look at a nearby chocolate shop that I hadn't noticed before. I got a chocolate covered marshmallow + graham cracker (yummy, of course; how could such a combination not be?) and milk chocolate almond bark. Mm, it's good and not too expensive (bark was about $20/lb). I have a feeling I'll be going back. It seem like they do a lot of business, so yay for continuous batches of chocolate!

Mary's Dairy ice cream cake

I've never actually bought a slice of ice cream cake before, but you can't usually buy a slice ($3.95, not bad). I could probably eat an ENTIRE cake. I think I'm better off eating ice cream cake than real cake, since there's no wheat. It was very yummy with a top later of chocolate fudge ice cream on top of vanilla ice cream and a layer of raspberry in between on an oreo cookie crust and nuts on the outside. I must eat it again! I also ate some of Grace's cookie dough ice cream. Whenever we eat together I always end up eating some of her stuff. If we keep eating together, she'll lose weight and I'll gain it. ;)

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