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Italian, Chinese, and BAKED

Good lord, fooding today was absolutely nuts.

Chicken PARM! Lookit the cheeez

I went to Umberto's Clam House with Mimi. It was the first time I went to an Italian restaurant in years, perhaps. I got chicken parm, which I used to get all the time when I was little and frequently went to Italian restaurants (mainly a place near my house, Tony's Brothers). It was pretty good, part of the $13 lunch special that came with a salad. Mimi wanted to try the linguini with white clam sauce since PBS told her it was good, but she said it was a little overrated. It wasn't bad, just not "OHMYGOD, YES" good. ;) I liked my dish but I couldn't finish the pasta. ROBYN DIDN'T FINISH HER FOOD, it's a miracle.

Then we went to Ferrara. Good. Lord. It is. SO GOOD. The end. I had a cannoli and Mimi had this amazing THING called sfogliatella. Simply amazing. That photo doesn't do it justice. All those little lines are like separate layers and the inside is I have to get one the next time I go.

I thought we were done. Hell, I was done. But the Mimi wanted to go to Tea and Tea on Mulberry. I got a chocolate shake. It was okay but not worth $3. I like shakes that I have to suck the life out of in order to get through the straw, aka, what is basically ice cream...that I try to eat with a straw.

Who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies? FREAKS! I ate a lot of the batter. :)

For dinner I ate cookies, scones, and pie crusts, courtesy of my food lab. SO MANY COOKIES. SO MANY SCONES. Pie crusts taste pretty good at first, but when you have to sample five of them (prepared with different kinds of fat), you get sick of em. But they're pretty good. I made the crust in my lab group and it came out a bit odd, but hey, it was my first time. Ingredients:

2 cups flour
1/2 tbsp salt
5 oz margarine
5-7 tbsp water

It comes out flaky when you cut in the fat. YES, I KNOW MY STUFF! Cutting in cold fat makes stuff flaky because the fat steams while the thing is baking. Mm flakes.

I ate a lot of chocolate chip cookie dough. I've never eaten so much cookie dough in my life. It's yummy though.

I'm the biggest glutton I know. Why don't I have diabetes yet?

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