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I hate kitchens

I know I'm abnormal, but it really bothers me how people will just keep food around and not eat it right away. Sure, you're not supposed to eat an entire box of cereal in a day, but that's what I would do, thus I do not buy cereal. My roommate has a box of Cheerios and a box of Triscuits in the cupboard, two foods that I would never buy. But of course, I tried some. The Triscuits were really salty and the Cheerios were really sweet, but those are rather addictive flavors. I'm more drawn to the Cheerios, of course. She also has a bag of marshmallows, which I would never buy because I could easily eat the entire bag. I know you're not supposed to, but my brain...well, it doesn't work well (don't ask me why I'm in college). I'm not sure how to get around this desire to eat nearly everything in site besides sticks of butter. It's all a mental exercise; how did I stay on a raw food diet? I told myself that all cooked food was poison to my body, although not to other people since they were all obviously functioning human beings. Somewhat. After eating lots of random crap last night, I just feel fucked to the point that it'd be easier to eat nothing at all.


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