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"end of chem lab" lunch splurge

Today was my last chem lab of the year (perhaps of my life), so my lab partner Mimi and I went on a lunch splurge. Actually, we went on what may had been a bigger lunch splurge last Friday, but...well, every Friday is for eating.

Bulgogi lunchbox from Mandoo Bar.

Mimi wanted to try a Korean place so we went to Mandoo Bar near school. We each got a lunchbox (she the noodle/jap chae, me the bulgogi) for $8 and it was deeeelicious. I haven't eaten meat all week so I decided to try the beef, although the jap chae was my second choice (ridiculously yummy noodles, although I didn't know they were made of sweet potato?). We were also given some kimchee, which made Mimi cry. She's still getting used to the spiciness. I really liked the dumplings, which were nicely crisped on the outside with juicy meat on the inside. I want to go again!

Pastries at City Bakery.

Even before we received our orders we were already talking about what we'd get for dessert (we have a common mindset). After lunch we went to the Union Square Greenmarket and got a small pumpkin pie ($4) to share. Then we went to City Bakery, which I heard had really good hot chocolate. Their hot chocolate costs $4 for a small, but it was worth the splurge (next time I'll go for the $5 large). The hot chocolate came out of a big metal pot and was put in a wide cup/bowl with a dusting of cocoa powder on top. It wasn't too sweet or bitter and was much thicker than regular hot chocolate. However, I think I was expecting an icing-like consistency from what I had heard about it. ;) Everything there looked delicious but was on the expensive side, so it's not a place I'd go very much. Maybe in the dead of winter when I'm freezing my bum off and am in dire need of a chocolate coating in my esophagus I'll trek back up there. The pumpkin pie was nice, although I realized I just like the filling (obviously, or I'd just eat crust), so why don't people sell just the filling, or maybe pumpkin pudding? I'd totally go to pumpkin pudding! [keeps this in mind for next week's Thanksgiving dinner.]

I was pretty full after lunch but after the dessert-ing, I actually felt less full. I could've eaten more, but that would've been a bad idea. I've gained a lot of weight this week (which I can tell from the tightness of these pants, which are quite large; I've had them for the past six years) so I'm not sure if I can take any more fooding today. But it's definitely worth it to go out and try new things with a friend than eat, say, a healthy orange alone in your room. :)

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