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pseudo breakfast

I went to bed sometime between 3 and 4 AM this morning, but I woke up at around 10 AM. To me that doesn't really fulfill the "sleep all day" goal I had in mind since my morning class was cancelled. I woke up partly because my roommate woke up though. And her cell phone rang. And she put the TV on. I'm sorry, but I still find TV to emit one of the most annoying sounds, although I can understand why she'd want the background noise on (I used to leave a TV on all the time for noise; now I listen to music).

I don't usually eat this early, but I scarfed down a persimmon and a sweet bun. Damn. I could live off that bakery...maybe I should go back. THREE BUNS FOR A DOLLAR.

Or should I go somewhere new? Today I should do homework and laundry, but the new Jacque Torress chocolate shop just opened. I am tempted, but it might be sad for me to visit a chocolate shop by myself. Times like this make me wonder if I have any friends.


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