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bread heaven

My intro to foods lab tonight was awesome. Our focus was yeast breads and muffins. A low-carb dieter's nightmare, aka ROBYN HEAVEN! [rub's belly] My group made rye bread (more like a hint of rye) and blueberry muffins. Other groups made corn muffins, challah bread, italian rolls, bran muffins, pumpkin-ee spice muffins, chocolate chip muffins, whole wheat-ish was all good. We also had to do an experiment observing yeast and how it reacts with sugar, salt, and water. JOOOY! For some reason I always dread food lab before I actually get there and start doing stuff, but then it always ends up being fun and happy (partially due to the fact that I have cool lab partners). We actually got out at 9:30 today, as opposed to closer to 10 PM. And I'm full of yummy things. :)

In my intro to foods lecture we gave presentations on food science related articles. Mine was...probably the worst. Some people actually brought in food and gave people hand-outs! I wasn't the only one who was food and hand out less, but if I knew people were bringing food, maybe I would've made pudding. I talked about an experiment that compared vegetable based gels to milk based gels. ...yeah, it's exciting.

For lunch I was planning to just come back to my dorm (after a depressing chem test that I probably didn't get an A on, which is ridiculous because it was easy and I JUST SUCK) but my friend wanted to go to Chinatown, so we did that. Chinatown two days in a row, ack! We went to Yuen Yuen Restaurant on Bayard Street for the second time (first time was just a week ago) for some cheap eats. For $3.25 I got a huge plate of rice, peas, and beef all drenched in mystery brown sauce. God knows what was in it, but it was good. And not unrecognizable. Their special, which has a fried egg, chinese sausage, chicken, and rice, costs $2.75. If you want a lot of cheap food, go there.

So today was a happy fooding day spend with other people. I'm satisfied. Tomorrow night I'm going home and for thanksgiving I'm going to make ice cream, sweet mashed potatoes, and Norwegian cookies. Mm.


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