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tasting is half the fun

Yummy cake from Chinatown

You know something is going to be good when you can feel the smell (or rather, the smell makes you ... feel). I went to Chinatown today with Diana and got some baked goods. I'm not totally sure what the name of one of the things I got was, but it had walnuts on the top, so I'll call it a walnut cake. As I brought the cake to my mouth, I could smell the buttery sweetness, which made me predict the delicate sweetness and tenderness that would enter my mouth. And it did. [drool] I'm still eating it now, actually.

Vegetable dumplings from Lin's Dumpling House

Diana wanted to go to Lin's Dumpling House, which we went to more than a month ago (I remember the day since it was before we saw Magnet at Pianos; one of the best days EVER). Their vegetable dumplings are excellent. They have a lot more than dumplings but their dumplings are great, so just get those.

Even though I had eaten enough to last me the rest of the day, I ended up finishing the dumplings I bought last Wednesday for dinner. Luckily my roommate ate two of them, so I didn't totally pig out (I ate 6). I'm glad she finally ate some of my food instead of me always eating hers. ;P

Still savouring the cake. Mm. Tomorrow in food lab we're making bread and muffins, which means I shouldn't eat anything before hand. I guess if I'm desparate I'll dip into my persimmon, which is just three because I ate two of them already. Persimmons are the yum.

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