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snacks are not robyn-friendly

So since I've been home I've eaten many cookies (some given to me by my roommate), some peach tart, some potato chips, some paella, some...okay, I guess that was it. But that's a lot! And I don't feel like I'm going to explode, which is kind of worrying.

I've noticed that I don't get as thirsty as most people (in addition to my ability to eat way more). And I've been thinking about why my stomach doesn't stick out much despite the craploads of food I eat...maybe my liver isn't big? If you have an enlarged liver then that can put your tummy out...or I may have made that up. Or MAYBE my liver is swimming among my small intestines, which would explain why that region is so large.

...erm, yeah. There was a bit of very non-sciency health info for you. Or not.

Seating area in The Republic
Glass noodles at The Republic

I ate lunch at The Republic with Diana and her cool friend Ava, who I had met last year at the Radiohead concert we all went to. The restaurant specializes in noodle dishes that would go under "fusion cusine", methinks. It had a slight hipster/trendy feel to it, but the atmosphere was cute. I liked how the tables were set up (communal style long tables so two groups could spare the same one and benches instead of chairs). I ordered the glass noodles, aka rice noodles, Diana got pad thai, and Ava got udon that was green colored from the sauce. Looked yummy though. EVERYTHING LOOKED YUMMY! I polished off my bowl, of course.

Pumpkin bread = mm

We went dessert-ing (my cries for ice cream went unheeded!) at the Union Square Market, where I bought a loaf of pumpkin bread for $1.75. It's hard to beat that. Except I shouldn't buy something that big because I will eat the whole thing. Which I did (all 10 oz of it, minus a few bits I shared). Ava and Diana got apples (err healthy, yes!) and we all retreated back to the SVA student's lounge (they both go to SVA) where we chomped on our farmer's market foods while watching bits of Ghost Busters from afar. :)

My day was very nice despite the rain up to that point.

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