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Happy Thanksgiving! Tote Bags and T-Shirts Now Available for Pre-Order

Thanks to Vi Hart, I now know what a turduckenailailenailailduckenailailenailail is: a turkey stuffed with two ducks, stuffed with four hens, stuffed with eight quail eggs. Yup, you want to watch this video.

Happy Thanksgiving! (Yeah, I know it's Friday for most people now, but it's still Thanksgiving...somewhere.) I hope y'all had some fantastic food comas. I got my food coma on mostly thanks to spatchcocked turkey, liver stuffing, and Robicelli's cupcakes. As I type this, my digestive system is turning that awesome food into poop.

...Anyway, as usual, I'm SO VERY THANKFUL that you guys still read my blog every now and then, considering the ever widening gap between substantial posts. Without you, my life would be far more meaningless. My mom doesn't even read my blog. WHY DOESN'T SHE CARE ABOUT ME. (JK, I know she loves the crap out of me. She does keep tabs on my Flickr photostream as some evidence of being interested in my life.)

The pre-ordering has begun!

I'm also thankful that a bunch of you pushed Maigo's Facebook page over 100 likes! The reward: 10% off pre-orders for my Gimme Pancakes shirts and Round Things tote bags, and free US shipping for orders over $50, from now through Saturday (after Saturday, stuff goes back to the original prices)! Sure, it's not as cool as getting a giant plush manatee on your birthday, but your pre-orders help Christine and me greatly to fund her new business and give us an idea of what products people are interested in so we can bring you more of them! Or...not bring you more of them. But we'd like to bring you more of them.

On an unrelated note, one of my favorite videos I've watched in the last 24 hours (aside from the turduckenailailenailailduckenailailenailail) is this simple animation by Pen Ward (the creator of Adventure Time, my favorite cartoon...and maybe...your favorite cartoon) encouraging peeps in a most sincere way to donate to the LA Game Space Kickstarter. I'm so terribly charmed by it. I would pick out a few choice "charmed" moments, but I'm charmed like every two seconds, so...yeah. I don't know how to explain it.


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