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Back from Honolulu

Looking over Honolulu


lilikoi and li hing mui

adding the creamy sauce stuff



Lil' bits of Honolulu.

I'm back from my awesome trip to Honolulu with Kathy! It'll take a while for me to blog it all—you can jump straight to the food porn by checking out my Flickr site—but to get things started, here's a little rundown of stuff that happened during the last week:

1. My site got hacked. So...most of you probably can't read this page at the time that I post it. Yeeeup. I've already cleaned out the spammy crap and asked Google to review my site again; now I'm just waiting for Google to take down the warning page. And then I'll try to ensure that that doesn't happen again.

2. My ol' Canon 20D died. :( Out of nowhere, the shutter went berserk, which doesn't seem to be an uncommon problem, although one that costs a few hundred dollars to repair. While I was looking to buy a less expensive camera, I ended up getting a new Canon 7D since that was the best choice (and the other camera I wanted wasn't available). And it feels super nice. Now I just have to make sure I don't smear fat and sugar all over it.

3. Kathy and I ate craploads of food. Like. A. Big. Fuggin. Crapload. You'd think that's sort of normal for us, but this trip took things to another level. You'll see.

4. Kathy and I spent a lot of time in the car listening to Top 40 radio, the result of which is that I'm sick of Jay-Z, B.O.B. Rhianna, and Lady Antebellum. Thanks for pounding their songs into my head, 96.3 FM. (I don't dislike all pop music, but there isn't a whole lot of it I want to listen to ten times a day. I do better with small doses.)

5. I met Marvo of The Impulsive Buy, Reid of Ono Kine Grindz, and Alan of ma'ona. Food bloggers, UNITE!

6. I saw more rainbows during my last day in Honolulu than I usually see in a whole year in New York.

7. I ate shave ice three times (ideally I would've eaten it more, but my stomach space was limited). Shave ice in Hawaii makes any shaved ice concoction in New York City look like a big ol' pile-o-frozen-crap. Someone here has to get their ice shaving act together.

8. I ate a bunch of different kinds of plate lunches and PLATE LUNCH IS THE BEST. OH GOD, why couldn't I have grown up in Hawaii? Rice scoop + meat pile = joy.

I owe a gazillion thanks to Kathy and her family for taking such good care of me over my vacation—mainly, feeding me well. My newest layer of fat is a result of TEAM EFFORT.

There's way, way, way more for me to talk about, but I'm going to stop because it's almost 3 a.m. and, as usual, I'm running on very little sleep. Real posts coming soon, hopefully.


kim / May 17, 2010 7:43 AM

Welcome back Roby!
Ever thought about moving to HI then? :)
Sorry about the hacker. Well, at least know you know your blog is very popular!

Looking forward to read your good eats there.

Nicholas / May 17, 2010 11:41 AM

"Rice scoop + meat pile = joy"

Said like a true Asian! And yes, NYC needs someone to start a shaved ice store. I mean if you can charge insane amounts for pork buns, I bet you can charge a pretty markup for shaved ice too. (I need someone to finance me)

KatyBelle / May 17, 2010 11:56 PM

Welcome back!

In regards to the hack/Google warning, I can read the site fine in Firefox, but it's blocked in Safari still.

roboppy / May 18, 2010 2:46 AM

Kim: I've asked Kathy about whether she'd move back to HI, and she gave two good reasons why she wouldn't: She has bad allergies there all the time, and she'd have to drive everywhere. I had allergies too, and I dislike driving so..euh..HI will probably just be a vacation destination. :)

Nicholas: Ice and syrup can't be that expensive, I'd think. Just gotta get a BAD ASS ICE SHAVER!!!

Maris: Definitely put Honolulu on your vacation list!

KatyBelle: It's still blocked for me in Firefox. D'oh! :( Glad you could read my site, though!

Marvo / May 18, 2010 8:19 PM

Yay! Google warning in Chrome gone!

Anyhoo, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope you come back soon and feast on rice.

Katie / May 18, 2010 9:00 PM

Yay the Firefox warning is finally gone!! I saw your tweet and have been checking daily so that I would see as soon as everything was back to normal. I am so excited to read all about Hawaii...I have never been there, but your pictures look beautiful!! :)

Stupid hackers. Let's throw rotten tomatoes at them. They are not nice!

adelyn / May 18, 2010 10:11 PM

Hurray! Blog has recovered now!

Whaddaya mean you listened to Top 40 radio? Zomg, I don't think I could've survived. Travel must-have besides toiletries = thoughtfully prepared mix tape! (or cd or playlist or whatever you kids use nowadays - ha).

Glad you're back, safe and sound, with a belly full of foodz. :)

roboppy / May 19, 2010 2:20 AM

Marvo: It was nice meeting you too! OMG I LOVE RICE YES.

Katie: Hawaii is beautiful! So much pretty stuff. The day I went to the beach felt perfect, aside from being surrounded by tourists...can't do much about that though. And hell, I'm a tourist!

adelyn: So much radio, oh lordy. I don't think Kathy or I could've predicted how much time we'd spend in the car! It took 15 min just to drive from her house down the mountain-y thing they lived on, haha.

Mahar / May 19, 2010 3:01 AM

We missed you! Oh how we missed you!


That said, I wants me some shaved ice. It's been freakishly hot here. Drought weather. Sucky.

Su-Lin / May 19, 2010 6:17 AM

I'm through! - Google seems to have removed that warning page.

Damn - I'm looking forward to more Hawaii posts!

Jin / May 19, 2010 9:31 AM

Yay, blog and Robyn are back! Looks like you had a great trip and were able to visit a lot of terrific places. I love Shimazu's. And Bubbies. And Liliha. And Leonard's. And Shirokiya. But there are so many more delicious places you must visit and provide hiliarious commentary!

I am so jealous that you got to meet several of the awesome Hawaii food bloggers. It would have been even more awesome if you could have met Pomai of Tasty Island.

gtrine / May 19, 2010 9:35 PM

Gaaah! You're finally back and so is the site. We missed you and am looking forward to your posts. Have you beewatching any Lost lately?

roboppy / May 20, 2010 3:17 AM

Mahar: A DANCE, FOR MEE?! :D:D:D I am honored.

Su-Lin: I HAVE A NEW POST THAT'S ALMOST READY but I need to edit it...and man, I don't think I edit well at 3am. crap.

Jin: There's too much to eat in Honolulu! I MUST RETURN, and stuff myself some more.

And I was planning on meeting Pomai! :( Reid invited him to the dinner that Kathy, Alan, and I went to, but I guess something came up and he couldn't make it. nooOOOOH!!

Mikey: More food porn COMIN SOON.

Josie: I ate a cute Japanese-style spam musubi!...and that was the only spammy thing I ate. But I took photos of other spam musubis I saw during my trip, heh.

gtrine: I watched the latest episode just a few hours ago! ...Man it's almost over. I am sad.

Kristina / May 21, 2010 1:02 PM

So glad your page is fixed. I kept checking back and getting the warning sign. Welcome back! Can't wait to see the rest of the Hawaii adventure.

Reid / May 22, 2010 4:46 PM


It was so nice to finally meet you! I am glad that you had a wonderful time here and hope to see you again...SOON!

Would love to eat everything in NYC with the girl who ate everything...especially rice + meat piles! :)

anthony / May 30, 2010 12:56 PM

You're pics are straight off the charts. Looks like that 7D is working out just fine for you. Keep on keepin' on girl.

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