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Merry Christmas, Unless You Don't Celebrate Christmas, In Which Case, Nevermind

two santas
Ho ho ho.

I'm not a hardcore Christmas following, but I assume most of you are. So to all the awesome Christmas-celebrating readers out there...


I hope you find a cake at least half as awesome as the one above. Read more about it in this ancient entry from 2005. The cake comes from Fay Da Bakery in Chinatown—who else would put two Santa figurines on one Yule log, along with other mismatched pieces of holiday flora? (Actually, it's a Euro log, not a Yule log. Fay Da is breaking down all barriers of tradition!)

Today I'm eating a home cooked dinner with my mom and brother. Christmas is an excuse to hang out with my family, which is probably a good thing, even if I'm still on my computer half of the time. I was so unaware of the coming of Christmas and the whole "giving gifts" thing with my head wrapped up in work and moving that I'll probably end up surprising everyone with random gifts in February.


SuperChomp / December 26, 2008 9:07 AM

Hope you had a lovely relaxing Xmas Day!
I totally sympathise with the 'too much stuff going on, forgot about xmas and presents' ... there will be xmas gifts, just not... yet. And I was also at my computer most of the day ^_^;

roboppy / December 26, 2008 11:48 PM

SuperChomp: I did have a relaxing day. :D Ate food, went on the interwubs, and played Rock Band with my brother. WOOHOO HOLIDAY SPIRIT.

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