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Post-Fried Chicken: Pizza and Gelato (And Alcohol)

First things first (because first things can't be second, or third, or some higher number): I've been sick for the past three days at home and I am slightly grumpy. And while the sickness is waning to the point that I can probably go to work tomorrow, I still feel a bit woozy and for some reason I am sweating more than usually, especially when you consider that all I've done today is sit and type with minimal physical movement. And that is probably too much information. But that's what you get when you read this blog. And hell, it's not like you don't sweat either. I just can't tell if I'm sweating because I'm sick or if it's due to a combination of weird allergies/grumpiness/stress. All of the above, possibly.

My head needs to deflate. This will all make sense soon. I think. Why my head is about to implode. I tend to have these internal battles where I want to do what's right even though I know it'll probably make me feel bad but as long as I don't show that I feel like crap it's okay this is a run on sentence.

Okay, here's some stuff I ate nearly four weeks ago.

get those pizzas out! where the pizzas are BORN
Where pizzas are born

So where was I on April 7th? Getting totally drunk...on pizza at the Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party at Fornino. Not alcohol, silly. Ha! Ha ha! Huh.

I wasn't expecting to see anyone I knew (aside from my co-workers) when I walked through the crowded restaurant. Hot. Sweaty. Full of pizza. And humans. And sweat. Oh my god, it was hot. At that point I damned my sweater and jacket. So what a relief it was when I came across...

OH YEAH, best photo ever.

OLIA AND JEREMIAH! OH YEAH, two of the best people on earth! Not that they did anything for my overheating problem, but it was a nice surprise to come across unsuspecting company. And I had a place to sit, that being 50% of the buttspace of Olia's seat. It was all good.

chanterelle e tartuffo?  maybe? a bunch of stuff.  on mah plate dunno which one this is it has cheese gamberi e pesto

Am I going to tell you about every pizza I ate? Nope. Quite frankly, I can't remember them all. And I'm too lazy. Also, do you see those photos? They're not the most appetizing. Crappy light makes not for appetizing looking food photos, kiddies. They kind of make me feel nauseous.

But they were good—with super-thin crusts and puffy chewy crust action—aside from the excessive amounts of truffle oil. Don't get me wrong—the stuff tastes good—but I lost count of how many pizzas involved truffle. Or maybe they just tasted like that because of residual truffle oil on my plate.

OMG PEOPLE I KNOW hello tristan
Mah peeps

There's Gordon, Olia, Jeremiah, and Tristan! Woohoo, pizza friends!

Um, more Olia

And there's Olia again with her beautiful, shimmering brown hair. It's like something out of a Pantene commercial.

Supercore = Fail

After happiness-inducing pizza gorging, Tristan and I met up with John, Dave and Ainara to hang out at Supercore. But it was too crowded.

dokebi my friends evenly space themselves nice!
Dokebi + humans

So we went to Dokebi instead.

I have...two gelatos hazelnut gelato

Even though Dokebi is a Korean grill, I got gelato. Yes, I left an Italian pizzeria to eat gelato at a Korean restaurant. Not really. I had no idea what I was going to eat at Dokebi and gelato seemed the least stomach leadening, which is how I ended up with two scoops of gelato: fig and ginger. They were rather pricey—$4 each, perhaps—but they were really good. (Dave's hazelnut gelato was also awesome.) The tasted like...well, what they were supposed to taste like. Thumbs up for flavors that come from real ingredients. Woot.

I mean, they weren't so good that they were worth $4, but it was more worthwhile than buying alcohol.

Oh, you see those wafers on top of the ice cream? I took one bite and was instantly hit with this screaming though of, "I've eaten this before! What the hell is this!? I know what this is! I KNOW WHAT THIS IS IT'S ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE OH MY GOD WHY CAN'T I FIGURE IT OUT?" You know the feeling, right?

So I passed the wafer around the table. Everyone had that same idea. "Yeah, I've had this before. And I am equally frustrated at my inability to figure out what it is." It wasn't until we asked the waitress that the mystery of the wafer was revealed.

"It tastes like Froot Loops!"

This was when we all slapped our heads and exclaimed, "OOHHH!" just a little bit too loudly. And you know, if it tasted like Froot Loops, it also tasted like Trix, along with every other fruit-flavored cereal of my youth. (Those are the main ones, right? Yeah.) When something that tastes like cereal isn't in the shape of cereal, it's very confusing.


The table shared two bottles of soju. And by "the table" I mean Tristan, John and Dave. I took about one half of a sip before screwing my face into the usual, "Oh my...dear god, why do people drink this stuff?" and passing my shot glass filled with the waters of hell to one of the table members with a Y chromosome.


The night ended with riding the J train. And missing a stop. And walking back to the right stop. And then some other stuff that you don't want to know about.

I think my next entry will be about more recent gorgings and instances of indigestion.


187 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

199 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Michelle / May 1, 2008 11:53 PM

Soju is pretty nasty stuff. Here, it costs less than $1USD a bottle, and so the older Korean men will get wasted constantly and it's not surprising to see them falling down in the street at any hour of the day.
Even better is the morning after, when you see a guy in a suit, briefcase still in hand, sleeping on the steps of Armani.

Christina / May 2, 2008 2:13 AM

I like the random shoe picture!

Ironic about the gelato, but I don't know what else would follow pizza the best besides gelato!

Wafer cookies usually all taste like Fruit Loops, I've found. Don't know why that is... Maybe it's a conspiracy... But even the texture is sort of similar.

SuperChomp / May 2, 2008 7:05 AM

Wow, fig gelato. That sounds amazing. The one in the foreground of the pair looks like a little apple with an embedded wafer ninja star. Or something. Neat!

Jenni / May 2, 2008 9:46 AM

Yet another gap in my food education - have never had truffle oil, or indeed anything resembling a truffle, except the chocolate variety. Yes, I'm kind of gourmet-challenged. But it keeps popping up in restaurant reviews of late! There's a local tavern here that puts truffle oil on its French fries, they call them "Sexy Fries." No, I have not eaten them. Yet.

Are you noticing truffle oil on gourmet pizzas these days in general, or was it just a Fornino thing?

Danny / May 2, 2008 10:55 AM

That pizza party looks like fun! Too bad it coincided with March Madness and also they only took paypal. *sigh*

how does Forino compare to some of the other well-known places in the city?

Clare / May 2, 2008 10:58 AM

The "Dobeki + humans" pic looks like a band photo, you know, for a group called something like "Tristan and the Razors" or "ZaZa." Feel better!

janet / May 2, 2008 12:02 PM

blurgh! soju is gross!!! i think i've had raspberry soju or something that was at least palatable. pssh, go my peoples.

Michelle / May 2, 2008 12:29 PM

OMG - SOJU is awesome! Of course, you have to like hard liquor to understand, but it's great stuff. My friends call it "Seoul Juice."

olia / May 2, 2008 6:02 PM

omg you make me crave that pizz0r again! that was a total truffle overload -- all that truffle oil gaaaahhhhhhh (wonder if thats whats making my hair shiny ^-^)
ok now i'm hungry and we must grab fuds sometime soon!

Ulla / May 2, 2008 9:46 PM

That looks like a LOT of fun! I love pizza with fresh arugula on top of them. Sorry to hear you are sick. I have been sick three times this winter/spring which is very odd, there is a lot of colds and flus going around I think.

Steph / May 3, 2008 3:43 AM

The J train terrifies me, be it morning, noon, or in the dead of night. The last time I was on it, there was this woman who was ABSOLUTELY SURE that I stole her umbrella (even though it was in the middle of the summer and I wasn't carrying anything that resembled an umbrella) and would not stop shouting in my face about said theft. Another time, some random person
decided that I was their new best friend and tried to cuddle with me on the seats. Seriously.

Anyhoooo... your photos, as always, are gorgeous. Way to make the internet jealous with your yummy food!

- S

Cindy / May 3, 2008 4:06 PM

Hey Robyn,

Just stumbled upon this website yesterday and am loving it! I've been gushing about it to anyone I've seen in the last 18 hours, and even posted the link on my facebook page haha. Really wish I'd known about your blog when I was in NYC this summer, but I fully intend to make good use of it for my next visit to the city. You're hilarious to boot and entertainingly quirky:) Hope you feel better soon! (my pseudo-legitimate/med student advice: zinc supplements for colds--usually does the trick for me.)

roboppy / May 3, 2008 4:53 PM

Michelle: That's kind of disturbing. DO NOT WANT SOJU.

Moriah: YAY!

Christina: Unfortunately none of those shoes are mine, but I like the way it came out too!


Maybe Froot Loops taste like wafer cookies. ....Uh huh.

SuperChomp: Mmm, wafer ninja star. Stabbing gelato. Gelato bleeds deliciousness.

Jenni: Truffle tastes like earth, without the dirt. not that I've eaten earth. Maybe musty is the word. Musty earth. DOESN'T IT SOUND DELICIOUS?!

it is rather good though. Try it!

I'm still a bit over-mucused, but feeling better. Thanks!

Danny: BOO TO MARCH MADNESS, PIZZA IS BETTER....okay I know nothing about sports, so of course I'd prefer the pizza. :)

I think Fornino is among the better places. I'd assume. It's Adam Kuban-approved! But I'm not that knowledgeable about pizza. If I lived in Williamsburg I'd probably go to Fornino...semi often. It's nice.

Clare: HAHA, Tristan needs to form a real band so these fake band photos make more sense.

Doug: Now that you mention it, it was TOTALLY MEOW-BERRY!

Janet: This was so not raspberry, more like the distilled tears of tortured souls. Yeaah!


Olia: That's the secret to byootiful hair!!

Yes, need moar fuds! Just say when!

Ulla: Ahh I love fresh arugula on pizza too! But I don't like arugula on it's own, haha. I guess the cheese and bread and stuff even it out. :)

I think I have funky allergies. No fun. :(

Steph: Oh man, today I was on the J train to Manhattan and this guy wouldn't move his toddler son over an inch so that someone else could sit down. And he must've made some ...not nice gesture towards the woman who wanted to sit down cos then this other woman went absolutely nuts screaming "ASSHOLE MOTHERFUCKER" among other things. And then I changed to a different car at the next stop.

Not as crazy as umbrella lady/cuddling stranger though. If anything that weird happens to me, I'll fill you in.

I love the intarwubs.

Cindy: Thanks for reading and for spreading the word! LIKE A CONTAGIOUS DISEAAASE!

Zinc supplements! I haven't tried that before; maybe next time! Right now I mostly need tissues. Waah.

Sheela / May 4, 2008 1:43 AM

You are so lucky to eat so much gelato, lol! I don't find gelato much here in California, is it an east coast thing? Or do I just not get out enough??

Sabrina&Luca / May 4, 2008 1:11 PM

Gelato goes ALMOST with everything, but we do think we would throw our stomach out eatin' pizza, drinkin'till getting drunk and lickin' a big gelato. You're really cool!
Come and see our food in our blog...ops,we're two humans in love from Italy
Just a question, is there anything you wouldn't eat at all?

juliana / May 5, 2008 12:13 AM

Hi! I love your blog. I know you don't generally like alcohol, but I was wondering if you like beer? Lienenkugel's Sunset Wheat tastes/smells just like fruity pebbles in the most wonderful way.

MariannaF / May 5, 2008 6:04 AM

Robyn- I know I dont comment all that much on your blog, but I've always check it out and you are one of the first food blogs I discovered! I'm giving you an E award!!

roboppy / May 5, 2008 5:16 PM

Sheela: I wouldn't say there's LOTS of gelato here...or not lots of good gelato. :( I'm sure California has some other stuff going for it. Date shakes? I never had those before! I want!

Sabrina & Luca: Oh I skip alcohol; there's more room for gelato! :D (I guess I wouldn't really fit in Italy not drinking, eh? But I love gelato!!)

I refrain from eating things that are still alive and are larger than microscopic organisms. Haven't tried bugs yet either, dead or alive. Someday, maybe?

Juliana: I have to say, I don't like beer either. Too bitter. :( Well, not all of it; maybe I have to try your fruity pebble version. The only beer I've had that didn't make me think "blech!" was a particularly smooth, non-bitter kind of Guiness.

Marianna: Thank you for the award and for reading my blog all this time! ^_^ And you do comment enough; there are plenty of people who read and don't comment at all (I KNOW WHO WHO ARE, I CAN FEEL YOUR PRESENCE, or lack of).

growitgreen / July 18, 2008 9:49 AM

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