June 12, 2006

Still in Norway: Day...Three and Four?

[I'm falling behind terribly because editing photos from my new camera takes a gajillion times longer than with the old one. These entries are more abbreviated than I'd prefer.]

aura food time!
food time!

On Saturday, Diana, Morten, Giso (Morten's girlfriend) and I went to Cafe Aura for a lunch/breakfast type thing. Do I see sandwiches on the menu?

shrimp salad on baguette
mm, sandwich time

YES. We all got sandwiches. For no particular reason, I went for the shrimp salad sandwich on an narrow baguette that could've been the width of someone's finger. I mean, if the dude's finger were really fat. The construction of the sandwich didn't make it something you could easily eat without the use of a fork and knife, but...hey, we had forks and knives, so I guess that worked out. The sandwich tasted like awesome due to the soft bread being slathered in copious amounts of butter. That'll do it. As for what the sandwich tasted like...um...shrimp? Yeah, that's helpful.

ham n cheese sammich on a baguette
ham & cheese

Diana's ham & cheese sandwich looked good too. Except I don't really like ham. THAT'S JUST THE WAY I AM, OKAY?!

blind cow cheese sausages mmm jammy jam milk stuff?

After roaming around non-food shopping for a bit, we went to Kjottbasaren for some...food shopping. Look, meats! And stuffs! They also have ice cream and a bakery. Who cares about the other stuff, right? RIGHT!

this stuff is gooood mmm tasty!!!
mm, rolled up stuff

Actually, this lefse stuff is pretty awesome. It looks like a wrap, but it's more like a crepe. ...But it's not a crepe. It's kinda like cake. ...But it's not cake. It kind of tastes like cheesecake, but not. Um. It's got a thin layer of sweet buttery cream in it and I want to smuggle a case of this back home.

(These descriptions...they're digging deeper into horrible-ness.)

pretty much the only street i know LEPROSY! Grieghallen street

Diana and I roamed around aimlessly, resulting in these random photos. THEY ARE NOT FOOD RELATED. Buildings are pretty and colorful, eh? We stumbled upon a great little music shop called Apollon where I blew some moolah on CDs (to be exact, Hakan Hellstrom and Professor Pez, if those names mean anything to you). They had a Magnet single on display and they had some Kapten Kaliber records! Wee! Cool! Just agree with me.

moolah moolah

For no particular reason, here's some moolah. I didn't meat to exchange my bills into rolls of heavy 1 kr coins, but that's what happened at the airport where I couldn't read the instructions on the machine. I was horrified when the rolls thunked out, condemning me to lugging around a mountain of metal in my bag. Thankfully, I traded these rolls with Giso for bills of flat un-doom since she needed the coins for her job. I AM FREE OF THE SECOND TO LOWEST DEMOMINATION. (The lowest is a half kr, which isn't that useful.)


I'm not sure what order I'm going in now, but it's definiyely not chronological. Here's the street around the corner from the apartment. It's pretty.

dinner potatoes fish altogether now
beige food!

Here's the dinner Morten prepared on Friday night. Fish! Taters! White asparagus! Buttery sauce! I ate a crapload.

okay, it kinda looks like guts

I think this is from Saturday. Morten made pizza and it was pretty good. (Just my preference though: I would've liked a chewier crust.) The biggest problem was the pizza's refusal to detach itself from the parchment paper majiggy, resulting in hacking at it with a spatula majiggy.

...I need a larger vocabulary.

waffles holy shizz!

Where can you get a waffle stack? At the top of Mount Ulriken! I suppose there are other more easily accessible places to get waffles, but the view doesn't get much better than this:

double holy shizz!

Ye-yuh. If I had know that Morten, K�re, Diana and I be walking back down the moutain to the apartment from this point that we had reached by bus and cable car (in other words, it was hella far), I may not have felt so happy. But for now, the waffles placated me.

IMG_0525 IMG_0527
waffle = yum

Someone inquired about the lack of "Robyn stuffing her face" photos. HERE YOU GO. Happy now? Good.

Now sit back and watch as the mountain proceeded to bitch slap every muscle in my body for the next 4.5 hours.

IMG_0541 IMG_0543 IMG_0545 IMG_0547
blinded by the nature

Oh dear lord. Now I know how Frodo and Sam felt when they were climbing through...that place with all the rocks. You saw the movie, right? Norway is totally Middle Earth. Or a part of it.


Every now and then we'd come across random lakes and whatnot.

random snow piles

There were also random piles of snow. In the above photo you can make out a tiny Morten running back with some snowballs. Global warming will eradicate the snow in due time. HEEHEE. We're doomed.

I gotta walk down...where?

While Morten, K�re, and Diana practically skipped over the rocks and down the mountain as though we weren't fragile bipedal humans going down a deathly rocky moutainside, I lagged way behind like a disabled puppy left for the vultures. Not that they actually left me behind, just that I was very slow. Mentally slow, physically slow...da-yum, what else can Robyn do? HOHOHO! My slowness is unstoppable, which means I myself am...um, very stoppable. Unless I were to accidentally trip on a rock and roll down the mountain, in which case I'd just keep on goin' until a large rock or tree broke my fall and every bone in my body.

Anyway, we had to get down the mountain side taking the steep rocky shortcut, which Morten later admitted was more of a "funcut" since time-wise, not much was actually cut. Have you ever heard of a funcut? I think this one of those funny Norwegian things, like bacon cheese in a tube.

ah...the view

We eventually took a break and sat on some bushes while noshing on apples. I can't say that's something I'll ever get to do again. We really just plopped our bums down and stared at the surroundings. Like whoaa. Like whaaa. Like...


...Holy crap, did we come from up there? I guess so. Hm.

where'd all these trees come from?!

At some point the rocky, grassy, bushy terrain turned into an army of perfectly straight trees. I felt a tinge of hope...we would see citivlization soon! Kinda!


Morten filled my and Diana's water bottles from this stream. Nice, eh? That was some tasty water.

Although I don't think I would ever voluntarily climb down a mountain again, I'm really glad I was forced to do it. I probably looked like hell during the entire hike while lugging around my bag and an unecessary jacket, and I sounded like...well, not a whole lot since I chose to refrain from speaking excessively to conserve energy that I needed to concentrate on not falling down/dying. I felt bad for being a slow-poke, but no one else seemed to mind that much. They were probably afraid that I would fall down and die.

It was cool. Really. I owe Morten a bagillion something-or-others for all the cool experiences he's exposed me to. Now I can tell people that I walked down a mountain. I didn't even need my inhaler! Yeeeehaw!!!!

And those were two days in a nutshell. My knees are in pain right now.

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Does this Morten fellow do EVERYTHING, i.e. cook, bring you to exciting places, etc. etc.?

I'd be on him in a second, if you catch my drift.

Posted by: Adalmin at June 12, 2006 9:51 PM [#]

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Great pics! Plus, you are definitely getting that exercise you said that you needed! Here's to the rest of your trip! (toasts with invisible champagne!)

Posted by: Cat at June 12, 2006 10:25 PM [#]

Long time no see! Wow, going for the A+ in "How I Spent My Summer Vay-Kay" are we?

Hope you had a great trip (I'm assuming that unlike some of my friends you can detach yourself from computers when you travel and won't see this until you get back- thus the "had") and I can't wait to talk to you soon! :)

Posted by: Liz at June 12, 2006 11:36 PM [#]

So far, your reports have been exhilarating and evocative; I feel your pain (going down the mountain) even as I rejoice in your waffles! It all sounds wonderful, and makes me happy just reading about it.

Posted by: Marsha at June 13, 2006 12:15 AM [#]

they have cow pirate cheese??? my god, why have i been wasting all my time in the states?

the hike sounds difficult but the views are worth it!! i like the ones with tons of bare tree trunks. it almost doesn't look real.

Posted by: janet at June 13, 2006 1:04 AM [#]

Those waffles look so amazing! I would have loved going down that mountain! I can't believe you can actually drink the stream water there (that's pretty sad that it's rare). It looks so nice and pure there... poosh.

Posted by: Rebeca at June 13, 2006 4:34 AM [#]

well, you've made it! I'm going north on next vacation. Fortunately it's not far from Poland...:)

Posted by: gagatka at June 13, 2006 7:40 AM [#]

Hiking and food. I like that combination. Especially when the food part involves waffles. Bergen, Norway looks very quaint. Snow piles in June definately seem foreign to me, well, more like northern.

Posted by: Cathy at June 13, 2006 7:59 AM [#]

Super! Thanks for the photolog. You're really making me want to visit Norway! Looks like you're having fun and seeing a lot of interesting places. Those straight trees are cool. Can you please ask your hosts what they are? Thanks!

Posted by: Deb at June 13, 2006 8:10 AM [#]

Those trees are pine trees. The reason for them being like that is that they grow too tight so the light doesn't get to the lower branches and they eventually wither away. This is also the reason why the ground is brown. It's covered in wither pine needles and hardly any vegetation grow there.

Posted by: Morten at June 13, 2006 12:19 PM [#]


Posted by: twobrain at June 13, 2006 1:19 PM [#]


Waa huh!? -> http://www.flickr.com/photos/roboppy/165222094/


Look's like a tortilla with melted government cheese. :7P


Posted by: redrhino at June 13, 2006 7:46 PM [#]

Wow, it's so beautiful there. I am jealous. Especially of that giant stack of waffles. Especially the one with the jam!

And it does look like Middle Earth!

Posted by: From Our Kitchen at June 13, 2006 9:12 PM [#]

you're amazing...even in another country you're keeping up with the food blog. thanks! :)

Posted by: jane at June 13, 2006 10:04 PM [#]

really good experience for you! :) I hope your knees feel better now. I'm glad you had a great guide/friend hehe. have fun on the rest of your vacation!

Posted by: Daisy at June 13, 2006 10:47 PM [#]

"I didn't meat to exchange my bills into rolls of heavy 1 kr coins"

Even subconciously, you're thinking of food. Awesome! :D

Posted by: Allen Wong at June 14, 2006 11:11 AM [#]


I hadn't been checking your posts for a week and boom! All those images of Norway--it looks gorgeous. Just beautiful and clean. Really clean.

I totally have to agree with you about juice containers being larger in america. I am a JUICE DRINKER. I love it and have to drink it everyday or I become The Grumpy Rose. It drove me nuts last summer in Taipei that I could never pick up a gallon size bottle. I kept lugging teensy weensy bottles home.

How are the pastries in Norway? We've seen the candy and the sandwiches, plus Morten's expert cooking skills...what about the desserts?

I know you think you're falling behind in your posts/photos but the fact that you post so much while abroad is amazing...I attempt to do that, but I always fail!

Keep it up :-)

Posted by: Rose at June 14, 2006 2:48 PM [#]

haha i love your website. it seems like you're enjoying life and living it to the most! :) hey that's what being young should be ALLL about. food is made to be enjoyed, you're thinking right! i would LOOOVE to be shown around NYC by you hehe. for now, hope you have a wonderful rest of stay in norwayy! (aren't they supposed to be the happiest people on earth according to survey or something?)

Posted by: Wendy at June 14, 2006 4:34 PM [#]

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