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Still in Norway: Day Five...Six...Huh?

[Sorry these entries aren't better. Editing hundreds of photos with my new camera can become kind of a bitch. And...I am on vacation after all. The good thing about taking a gazillion photos is that I can refer to them when I inevitably forget what I did less than 24 hours ago.]

dinner is served
look, there's a vat of butter!

On Sunday evening after the hike of a million wheezes (in all honesty, it wasn't thaaaat horrible; I emphasized the pain to make it more comical), Morten brought Diana and me to his family's house for homemade food that didn't consist of open-faced sandwiches. His father made a bacalao (dried codfish) dish that included tomatoes, onions, peppers, and potatoes. And maybe something else. Altogether, you end up with a satisfying saucy stew that doesn't require any extras, although in this case we had the choice of bread, bread, and...oh, I can't put my finger on it. [scratches head] Oh my god, I think it was bread! YES! And don't forget the vat of softened butter.

ice cream and rhubarb tart

For dessert we had homegrown rhubart tart (the rhubarb part, that is...because the last time I checked, tart didn't grow on stuff) and vanilla ice cream. Morten's father also gave Diana and me shots of...something. To aid our digestion. And by "aid our digestion" I mean "make small fires in our digestive tracts". Of course, the tart tasted slightly tart, and the ice cream was cold (who would've thought!), while the alcohol...well. After knocking that back, I felt like I had swallowed a chunk of Satan's soul that started writhing madly in my belly. And then two seconds later, it died. I dampened the churning of my Satan-filled stomach with more ice cream.

So. That was an awesome dinner. Many thanks to Morten's family for treating us random Internet friends with yummy food...and shots.

sandwiches IMG_0614

On Monday, Morten made us more open faced sandwiches of lettuce and fish combined in tasty harmony. These things are a hit with the weegies ("weegies" is my new favorite word for "Norwegians" as taken from Jenny Blake). He also gave us bowls of blueberries from his father's home (frozen from last year's batch, as this year's blueberries haven't appeared yet) mixed with milk for something that was like cereal in milk topped with fruit, but without the cereal. So I guess it's not like that. But. Um. ...Yeah. It's yummy, you should try it! ALL THE WEEGIES ARE DOIN' IT.


We went to the aquarium and saw PENGUINS! HEEHEE, SEE THE PENGUINS?! AREN'T THEY SO CUTE AND FAT AND STUFF?!?!?! YESSS! HEHEHEHE, HEHEHE, HEHE...yeah, I really like penguins.

We also saw fish and other things that aren't as cute as penguins. Our primary comments about the fish were, "That tastes good," and "Mm...that also tastes good." Methinks that the point of the aquarium isn't to pick out your dinner, but they did promote the idea that the ocean is the foodbowl of the future, so...maybe that is the point.

parking garage
parking garage

This parking garage was in a mountain. ISN'T THAT COOL? Kinda? Compared to just about all other parking garages I've been in, this on was especially neat and un-smelly. Who would think that vents could be so useful? Another cool thing they have in Norway that is really useful are heated floors in the bathroom so that you're not shocked into consciousness first thing in the morning by floors that have seemingly been replaced by ice. Feel toasty while you poop!

mm, marzipan cheesecake tarts apple slices!
various baked goods

Morten brought us to Torggatens Konditori for some cakey goodness. Bergen's cake specialty that is supposedly a part of every one of their holidays is the White Lady (top left photo), a multi-tiered sponge and berry cream cake on a macaroon base blanketed with a thin layer of marzipan. My cake also had an orange blobby fruit on it whose name I didn't know.

innards shot!

While I liked the cake overall (how couldn't I?), my favorite part was actually the macaroon base. The marzipan layer isn't the easiest thing to smush through with a fork compared to the cake and cream parts, which may squish out as you try to cut off a piece. If you don't live in Bergen, I guess the only way to get this cake is to make it yourself. If I tried, my version wouldn't be nearly as beautiful as this one. It'd be like the mutated cousin twice-removed, banished to the upstairs attic away from the prying eyes of neighbors and...any other lifeforms. Even the squirrels.

boat time

Later in the day after checking out Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum, we went boating! For hours! To catch fish! And kill the fish! And eat the fish! And pee in the woods!

IMG_0753 IMG_0744
humans on the boat, oh god!

Morten, Giso, Diana and I went on Captain K�re's boat around...well, I don't really know where we were, but as you can see it was very pretty. While boating around wherever it was that we were, we passed a bunch of summer houses of questionable accessibility from civilization owned by people who probably had too much money. But hey, we have a boat! We're awesome!

I dunno how to fish hi fishie
goin' fishing

At some point Morten passed me the fishing line and told me to fish. I looked at him like he was crazy (which, admittedly, is usually how I look at him); "I do wuh?" My only meager experience with fishing involved a pole, while here we just had a thick fishing line wrapped around a...thingy. Morten unraveled the line and told me to let the line reach the bottom and then bop the line up and down to entice the dumb fish. Surprisingly, one latched on really quickly; he must've been pretty stupid. I declared victory.

it's brain pokin' time!

The fish was less victorious. I don't think Morten really expected me to impale the fish with the knife, but he did offer the task to me. Thanks, but no thanks. As I do find them quite tasty, maybe I'll try to kill a fish someday. In the future. The far off future when I've already died and don't have to skillfully shove sharp metal objects into tiny fish brains and watch their eyes bleed. Some time after the fish was beheaded, gutted and beyond dead, its remains spasmed for a disturbingly long period due to some leftover muscular...thingy thingy. You know what I mean, right? Either that or it was possessed by some angry fish demons. Giso also caught a fish, but when Diana tried she ended up catching the floor of the sea. :'( Twice.

IMG_0807 IMG_0808 IMG_0809 IMG_0812
like gilligan's island, but not an island, and with less annoying people

We eventually docked in a beautiful secluded camping area (equipped with a water pump, campfire, and outhouse) to feast on corn and the freshest fish that I'll ever eat. AWESOME.

IMG_0815 IMG_0818 IMG_0826 IMG_0828
cookin' stuff

But making the food more palatable takes some work. First, ye gotta find some wood. And making a fire helps. (Morten took the easy way out and used a lighter.) And then ye gotta find more wood. And throw it into the burning pile of wood to make a fire that Satan would be proud of. After that's all taken care of and you've wrapped your food in a protective layer of aluminum foil, toss those suckers (or carefully lower them with sticks) into the fire and watch em buuurn!....but ye know, take them out before they've completely transformed into atomic number 6.

IMG_0830 IMG_0832
better than a microwave

The corn was plump, juicy, and—this is for Morten—luscious.

...Nah, it wasn't luscious, but it was the best corn I've had in a long time. The fish, simply seasoned in salt and lemon juice, seeped with, fish liquids. [scratches head] It was perfectly cooked, as far as I could tell.

dig in

The experience of cooking and eating so close to nature without excessive culinary accoutrements in the company of people who fit in the top 5% of the worldwide awesome population is a much more enjoyable and memorable experience than most others involving food. Screw restaurants, let's just kill our own fish and toss it into a fire! As long as there are other competant people around, at least.

someone poked a hole in the sky

Afer 10 PM, the sky was still bright with the light from the semi-setting sun. Few settings are as relaxing as this.

...Oh well.

On that note, I have one full day left here. Crap.

I actually have bought two tubes of tubed bacon cheese and a block of brown cheese for those who want it (not sure how serious you guys were). Methinks that stuff won't ship very well. Also, thanks for leaving comments on my entries, even if they're not the most fun to read. I've become too lazy to reply to all the comments (hell, I'm also too lazy to write the entries!), but hopefully that'll continue when I get back home. It's sad to think that I've been here for a week already! Nooo!!!


Tomas / June 14, 2006 7:56 PM

Awesomeness. It just looks like such a remarkable vacation! It's even inspired me to take some extra looks at various things that's easy to take for granted. Like the long-lasting skies and general nature.

Also, Thanks for spreading our brown cheese!

s'kat / June 14, 2006 7:58 PM

Family meals, digestifs, more open-faced sandwiches and bloody fish death! Rock on. And I think I've found my new signature:

Screw restaurants, let's just kill our own fish and toss it into a fire!

jo / June 14, 2006 8:03 PM

I love all the photos that you take so I am wondering what sorts of editing do you do to your pictures?

The orange sphere on the White Lady cake looks like a jawbreaker candy.

roboppy / June 14, 2006 8:13 PM

Anne: Yup, the bacon cheese and brown cheese are yours! And the poofy shirt, hehe.

Tomas: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR WEEGIENESS!!! :) Prepare yourself for when I visit Oslo, hehehe.

s'kat: It's funny, I was JUST looking at your site when you submitted your comment! :O

Anyhoo...yeah, that's quite an interesting signature that no one will understand, but AWESOOOME! Bloody fish death! Tasty! I'm into this "tossing things into a fire" method of cooking.

jo: I edit my photos in photoshop and usually just need to use a curves adjustment layer to alter the contrast, brightness, colors, bladeedah...that's what I do in a nutshell. Sometimes I'll also adjust levels and saturation.

It does look like candy, but it's just...very shiny, spherical fruit. :)

elaine / June 14, 2006 9:42 PM

I am envious of your cake... and fresh fish... and everything! Europeans are so much better at eating well :\

Enjoy your last day!

Sera / June 14, 2006 9:54 PM

Hi Robyn!

I love reading of your awesome adventures in Norway! Don't worry about "keeping up", just enjoy your vacation! :)

I wanted to point this article out to you that was in the Dining section of the NY Times today:

I know how much of a sandwitch lover you are. This "Starwich" place they reviewed sounds right up your alley! I thought of you as soon as I read the article. I don't know if you've already checked it out or not, but I thought you would enjoy it. :) I hope you get a chance to try it!

g / June 15, 2006 2:46 AM

Haha, this post was awesome :) If only you didn't make posting to your blog sound like a horrible chore I could've really enjoyed reading it ;) But ohwell holidays never last long enough do they :)

Deb / June 15, 2006 6:55 AM

Again, gorgeous photos. I so want that cake! And the brown cheese. ;D

I'd be happy to trade some for my freshly made Deb's Delectables chocolates.

By the way, everyone loves my Poofy "Gimme Pancakes!" shirt you sent. Nice to see you wearing yours in the fishing photo. :D

chochotte / June 15, 2006 10:39 AM

I'm so glad yr having fun! Norway looks do those cakes. I WANT.

Weegies also means people from Glasgow (Glaswegians) so be careful with that one. There's a few hundred miles and a world of difference between the two!

RONW / June 15, 2006 11:10 AM

"Sorry these entries aren't better. Editing hundreds of photos with my new camera can become kind of a bitch...."

Hey, at least, you post pictures of your trip. Most people try to write a description of the place they're visiting, and expect the readers to "see" what they're meaning.

Backyard Chef / June 15, 2006 12:44 PM

Glad you're having so much fun in Norway...More penguins, fire and bloody fish, please. Never thought I'd make that request....

Everything looks beautiful as always....

Esme / June 15, 2006 1:54 PM

Thank you for taking the time to post about your vacation! I've very much enjoyed seeing Norway through your camera lens. The food looks yummy, simple, and fresh. I was a little taken aback by the fish-death photo - but that may be because I'm a bit hypocritical about my fish-eating ways....
I've been reading your blog for about a month now (I found it through your cousin's article) and I'm a fan :) I love to see your perspective of restaurants in NY, and your photos are so interestingly cool.
Hope your last day in Norway is a great one - safe trip back home!

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