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random inexpensive fooding: Friendly's, Cafetasia, and Caffe Reggio

I'm unable to think of a witty caption for this

Last Thursday I went to Friendly's in Midland Park with my brother, Hubert (yes, that's his name, yes, that's his LJ, yes, he's an odd fellow, and yes, ladeez, he's single!), and his friend, Peter. We went to Friendly's at my request to relive a bit of my childhood, because you know...being 20 is freakin' old and Friendly's isn't exactly a hot destination for young adults. I'm not sure how often I ate at Friendly's as a kid, but their clam chowder and ice cream sundaes are one of my clearest memories, for better or worse.

how many things can you find wrong with this flyer?

Clowns are definitely not a part of my childhood I want to revisit.

inside flair
mm, flair

We had to wait a while to get a seat. I was surprised by how popular it was, but I guess the restaurant is also pretty small for a place in NJ that mainly attracts families. I took a photo of the wall on the other side of the room to capture the...flair. Or. Something. The interior is decorated to look kind of like a house with an affinity for old glass bottles, things made of porcelain, random knick knacks and baskets of fake apples. I guess it feels homey and country-ish, like an overly sanitized farm cottage something-or-other. Maybe it looks like your house! HAHA, oh, the horror.


Seeing the crayons made me happy (funny how little colored wax sticks can do that to ya) and if I had anything to draw on, I would've used them. I guess I would've had to get a kid's menu...damn, maybe I should've. I HAVE NO SHAME.

chicken parm melt and fries
my god, it's so yellow

For whatever reason, we all ended up getting Supermelts™ (yup, it's trademarked), which are super sandwiches made of grilled, thick sliced bread that bubble with melted cheese (their words, not mine). Sounds a wee bit like a health hazard.

chickeny innards

I wouldn't say my sandwich bubbled in cheesy goodness, but it was otherwise very good. The kicker for me was the bread, which was grilled in some kind of fat (butter, oil, I DUNNO). resulting in me going, "Uh...why does this taste so good?". The bread was indeed thick, crispy on the outside, chewy and soft inside, and coated with an invisible layer of fatty deliciousness...invisible until your fingers shimmered with lipids, at least. The chicken was moist and crunchy, so nothing wrong there. Aside from the two slices of bread not being in perfect alignment, resulting in some excess bread in some parts and not enough in others, the sandwich was really good and something I'd considering eating again if it didn't make me feel so guilty.

Of course, on top of the grilled sandwich was a pile of fried potato sticks (that's how we do it in America, yesss). Mmmmm. They could've used a bit more salt (I guess that's what the salt shakers are for), but were great crispiness-wise. Fry those suckers—bring on the acrylamides.

The thing that I absolutely had to get at Friendly's was the clown sundae. It's on the kid's menu, so our waitress probably thought I was a weirdo for ordering it. But I am, so I guess that worked out.

now I can eat the clown, heehee!

Sadly, this sundae was not up to par with what I ate more than 10 years ago. Take a look at the sundae on Friendly's site and mine. What's wrong? REESE'S PIECES! WHERE ARE YE?! Not on my sundae, that's where. One of my clearest memories of this sundae, no matter how stupid it may be, was that at the bottom of the cup I'd be left with half-frozen wayward Reese's Pieces (they have a satisfying crunch) mixed with ice cream soup and semi-hardened chocolate syrup. First off, there weren't even any extra M&Ms in my sundae (maybe they instilled some policy to only use enough candies for the face) and there wasn't much excess syrup. One of my few fond memories of the early 90s has been defaced. AWESOME.

I should probably note that overall, it wasn't bad for $2.50. The ice cream was kind of tasteless, but it had a smooth, dense texture. They have a gazillion other tempting sundaes that I'd be interested to try now that I know the cone head isn't up to par. If you're wondering what to do with the cone (I noticed that the sundae is upside-down), I just eat it. I'm thinking that when I was little I may have just given the cone to my mum, but this time I smashed it with my spoon and mixed it with my ice cream. Hey, why not, it's still a topping.

Our waitress messed up my dessert order the first time, but she made the cone head quickly and was overall nice. My brother said that Friendly's is known for horribly slow service. I've had slower (which I'll get to later in this entry...which isn't exactly a contest I want to win. But I won! Woo!


I think we need more candles

Before my night of fattened sandwiching and nostalgial-killing sundae eating, I had lunch at Cafetasia with my coworkers, Tony, Cindy, and Jan. Upon entering the restaurant we were attacked by lots of wood paneling and floating electric candle things before being seated at a long, communal table with a seat that was a smidge too wide to comfortably maneuver oneself on (you can't just step over it; it was like climbing onto a vaulting horse), but had this insanely comfortable foamy cushion to plop your bum on. Really smooshy. If you've sat on it, you know what I mean.

lunch menu
yahoo, cheap food!

Cafetasia's $7 lunch special covers an appetizer and a main course, which can be as meaty or tofu-y as you want. It's a good deal.

petite cheese and crab stick rangoon chicken and shrimp shumai
oriental salad

One person ordered the "petite cheese and crab stick rangoon", two ordered the "chicken and shrimp shumai", and I got the "oriental salad". Tastes like orientals? YES! I mean. No. I mean. Tastes like ginger carrot dressing and taro chips. If I didn't love taro chips, I would've found the sharp sticks to be a bit annoying, as their size and texture didn't mesh well with the rest of the salad (iit would've been better if f the sticks were broken up). There was also a hard boiled quail egg struck in there. For some reason, I love quail eggs. Maybe it's the small, cute size. Maybe I like the idea of eating an unborn quail. Or maybe they taste better to me than normal eggs.

basil udon
basil udon

I love basil and I love udon, but I've never had a combination of the two. UNTIL NOW! It's a good combination. It tasted a little overseasoned (with what, I don't know), but the noodles were just right for my tastes (not too soft, kind of springy and chewy) and the seasoning had just enough hotness for me to think, "Mm, spicy!" and not "Mm, gagging time!" I ordered beef with my noodles, which came in thin slices and I suppose weren't too bad or good or else I would've remembered then in one of those senses.

Thai basil with egg garlic medley greens green curry
other dishes

Here's the food that I didn't eat: Thai basil with egg, garlic medley greens, and green curry. Everyone seemed satisfied with their food.

The service was speedy and almost eerily efficient. I barely noticed when my empty bowl was removed. GHOSTS DID IT. Depending on my mood (if I happen to be craving noodles instead of sandwiches), I may return to Cafetasia for lunch in the future for a cheap eat.

Caffe Reggio

Caffe Reggio
it's oolllld!

Last Wednesday for dinner I went to Caffe Reggio wwtih Diana, James, Mary, and Brad. This was after roaming into my first choice, Doma, and discovering that it had turned into an alternate level of hell, as apparent to us by the blast of 80 degree heat, the lack of open seating, and the swarm of Apple notebook-toting yuppies (which contributed to the lack of open seating). HEEHEE! YUPS! (I love Doma, but I had never seen it so crowded before. Why were so many people eating/hanging out at 5:45? MRRH!)

pot o sugar
pot o sugar, all for me?

The main thing at Caffe Reggio is the coffee, as apparent by this freakishly large metal tub of sugar. It's certainly more convenient than those weeny packets of sugar, which I need three of to sufficiently mask the bitterness of whatever I'm drinking (which may be why I mainly drink water).

it breathes out smoke

We were seated near the espresso robot, apparently the first of it's kind when introduced in 1902 as an example of advanced espresso robotry. I guess it isn't used anymore, but its soul lives on in its laser-deflective shiny exterior and ability to kill us all shoot out uber-pressurized coffee-d water.

tea of doom

Mary started off with this smokey tea. She asked me what I thought it smelled like.


Smells like burning. Also smells like buddhist temples in Taiwan since people like to burn things in them. I don't know about you, but I like my drinks to smell of un-burning.

wow, did I really order a sandwich, of all things?!

I ordered a mozzerella, basil, tomato panini. Or panino, more like. It was alright, not the best I've had, but a good size in that I could eat the whole thing and not feel preggers. The sandwich tasted strangely salty, although not so salty that I couldn't eat the whole thing. I think it could've used more mozzerella and the dried tomatoes were a tad too dry, resulting in overly chewiness where I'd rather not have overly-chewiness. Know what I'm saying? Good.

penne alla genovese prosciutto and mozzerella
things I didn't eat

I think I just got the wrong thing. Pictured here are James' penne alla genovese (pasta with homemade pesto sauce) and Mary's prosciutto and mozzerella sandwich. James finished the whole dish and said it was just the perfect amount to not make him feel like he over-carbed himself. Brad got a capri salad with a gazillion tomato slices and Diana got an omelet (I forgot what was in it) which she thought was awesome. She's more choosy about food than I am, so I'll take her word for it. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SANDWICH? LORDY!

[tumbleweed rolls by]

After we finished out food, we waited. A while. A really long while. It was hard to get anyone's attention despite that the place was sparsely inhabited by customers. At some point since it was most convenient for me to exit out of our corner table booth-ish spot, I walked over to the waitress to ask for some menus so that we could indulge in cream-based desserts. She cheerily got me a few menus, allowing me to victoriously return to the table with the coveted menus.

It wasn't really the worst thing in the world that the waiters seemed to have forgotten about us—we chatted and did that "socialization" thing all the kids are talking about—but we were kind of annoyed. I'll keep Caffe Reggio in mind if I want a comfortable place to go where no one will ever disturb me and I can hang out forever. Those places can be handy. Like if I'm comatose or something. Their website does say, "Caffe Reggio offers an abundance of art and leisure", so I can't disagree with them there.

tartufo for me!

I ordered a tartufo since, along with the cone head sundae, it's one of my childhood dessert memories. How it became one of my favorite desserts, I have no idea; I wouldn't say it's a phenomenal dessert, but it's pretty cool. Whenever people ask me what it is (because most people seem to be unaware of the dessert when I mention it, which surprises me since I'm not exactly well versed in Italian food), I just describe it as an ice cream ball—usually vanilla and chocolate around a maraschino cherry—covered in a chocolate shell. "Tartufo" is Italian for truffle, although if it were up to me I'd just call it "ice cream ball" Italian. I don't think I've ever had a great tartufo, as the ice cream is usually just okay, but it's better with whipped cream (because everything is better with whipped cream). Unfortunately, this tartufo was un-whipped creamed. Doh.

banana split melty
it melllted

Diana's banana split turned into a non-appetizing bowl of ice cream goop. Besides that, I think she liked it. The whipped cream was oddly unsweetened, yet I kind of liked its purely dairy flavor. It tasted like what you'd put on coffee and not a banana split...maybe that explains it. I didn't try the ice cream, but I figure it was okay. Diana did eat most oif it, but the rate of melting speed was faster than Diana's "shove spoonfuls of ice cream into mouth" speed.

Overall, the food was decent for the price and the dark, cosy, woody, "lack of glaringly white Apple laptops" environment that felt like it hadn't changed in decades was comfortable to hang out in for...however long we were there (about 1.5 hours).

Part of the reason I stayed for dinner after work on Wednesday was to see Jason Lytle perform at Other Music, an event that I happened to be a smidge too late for. I guess I don't regret hanging out with my friends longer than I had planned to instead of seeing Jason perform, but...damn, that meal took a lot longer than it was supposed to. [shakes fist]


Yup. But Jason Lytle is pretty cool. He made a music video of himself riding around on a bike with a fake cat statue (the cat was fake, the statue was...real). Automatic cool.

Too lazy to use google? FINE!

195 Godwin Ave
Midland Park, NJ 07432

38 E 8th St
New York, NY 10003

Caffe Reggio
119 MacDougal St
New York, NY 10012

random food related stuff

I meant to post this earlier. Check out Drew's Chinese Food Bong. hopefully never to materialize in real life.

HFCF sucks! Come on guys, you knew that already. Right? Right. Good boy! (pat pat) Even though HFCF is in a lot of stuff, it's also NOT in a lot of stuff. Oranges? Apples? Bread? Don't have em! I hope. Or else that's some sucky bread and weird-ass fruit.

In Paris, if you act poopily around Parisians, such as not greeting them or saying goodbye or putting your hands in your lap, you'll be BANNED FROM THE COUNTRY FOREVER.

Oh god, I'm doomed. However, I have no trouble complying with the "don't eat while walking or riding public transport" rule. I have trouble eating and walking at the same time and am rather perplexed when I see New Yorkers walking down the street while snarfing down a slice of pizza. Dude, digest!

Actually, this isn't food related, but if you live in NYC and don't know about the gazillion free River to River Festival concerts going on this summer, you should look over the schedule. I might be too lazy to go to anything, but I wouldn't mind seeing Super Furry Animals, Belle & Sebastian, Eels, Smoosh, Hot Chip, Josh Rouse...maybe other things...of course, I'll only go if I can arrange for some food before or after the show. [cough]


Molly / May 23, 2006 6:12 PM

hey, just when you thought friendly's was weird enough, there's more! i'm from new hampshire and so also frequented friendly's a lot as a kid. but i haven't been in awhile and thought i'd take a look at their menu through the link you posted. here are my favorite highlights of weirdness:

"(Hot dog contains milk)" - why????

"Fishamajig: the name says it all!" - um, no it doesn't...please elaborate

here's the direct link:

Claudia / May 23, 2006 6:17 PM

the food looks awesome at cafetasia and friendly's has good french toast. yum...french toast =)

chochotte / May 23, 2006 6:57 PM

You know, it's best not to delve too far into the meanings of Italian food. I mean, did you know that 'linguini' means 'little tongues'? - and 'vermicelli' 'little worms' or 'little maggots'?


If you did, then, sorry. And if you didn't, sorry as well, I think.

Oh and that Friendly's site freaked me out.

Why is there a picture of toast, with what looks like ICE CREAM with what looks like a SAUSAGE and and ORANGE. For BREAKFAST?! what kind of crazy combination of things is that??? And how does that 'start the day right'? ('...with a heart attack!')

I have to try that place one day.

Albany Jane / May 23, 2006 7:31 PM

I have to admit, Friendly's was one of my favorite places to eat as a kid. I think it had to do with the sundae ice cream clown face thing with all it's peanutbuttery goodness.

And I'm totally down for going to see some free music and go fooding. I'm going to be in NYC for a month within the next week.

Jeanne / May 23, 2006 8:00 PM

Me bored at work + you posting = yay! Your pictures make all the food you eat look great, even if your review is to the contrary. I haven't been to Friendly's in about ten years but I remember my chicken parmesan sandwich fondly. Unfortunately, I don't think the trademark supermelt had been invented yet. Also, fries = happiness. Why won't Friendly's expand to the West Coast?!

Cat / May 23, 2006 9:54 PM

Friendlys Grilled Cheese were a staple for me in High School back in Ohio, and the servers at "Cafetasia"? My Former-Chinese-Restaurant worker hubby calls it "asian restaurant stealth serving" His theory is that if you are really fast and quiet, no one will ask you for anything. (Or it may be that my hubby worked for his grandparents in a busy chinatown restaurant and he has a habit of being lazy!)

Samurai Nick / May 23, 2006 10:02 PM

Because I once worked there for a summer, I have mixed feelings about Friendly's. The food is a guilty pleasure but I also know the dirty little secrets that your inner child isn't supposed to know about.

And that is the saddest looking Cone Head I've ever seen. When I was a kid it was the coolest dessert to get but now it just looks so pathetic. Now I always just get 3 scoops of ice cream with fudge, peanut butter sauce and reese's pieces. Can't go wrong with that.

roboppy / May 23, 2006 11:15 PM

Molly: Hot dog contains milk?

As for the Fishamajig, that's hilarious. Maybe they knew that it didn't say it all and just wanted to confuse people. I kinda wanna try it now.

Claudia: I didn't know Friendly's had good french toast! That's tempting. Seriously, maybe I'll try it this weekend.

chochotte: Little tongues!...okay, that's a weird one. They don't look like little tongues! I mean, I think tartufo looks more like a truffle than linguine looks like tongues. And...maggots? (scratches head)

Maggots are actually food for someone, so I guess pasta named after maggots isn't as bad.

The "ice cream" on the toast you're looking at, butter I think. Wow, that doesn't make it any better. ICE CREAM WOULD BE AWESOMER!!!

Friendly's so doesn't start the day right, unless you like clogged arteries. Maybe I do! :D

And yes, ye gotta try it.

Albany Jane: Ahh, another childhood favorite! But my sundae was not filled with peanut buttery goodness. :(

Whoaa, you're gonna be in NYC for a month? You can fit in a lot of fooding! Feel free to hit me up if you're free to do...something. Food. Music. Both in the same night, perhaps. I'll be in Norway at some point during that month-long visit though, hehe.

Jeanne: Me bored at work = me posting! ;) I don't always have things to do, so blogging is actually kind of productive.

Maybe someone needs to franchise Friendly's out there!

Cat: I like grilled cheese, but I rarely eat it. Should I change my habits? Hmm.

I don't mind if the servers are stealthy to avoid being asked for anything. And we were just on our lunch break, so it was a good thing it was fast. :) I never have anything to ask for anyway besides the check. It's nice when waiters check up on you, but I don't think I've ever said anything besides, "Um...everything's fine." Unless I needed water or something, but they were good with filling the water. HYDRATION, GIMME!

Nick: Whoa, care to share some of these secrets? Or will that get you sued?

How did I get such a sad cone head? :'( I thought it was the coolest thing too! All that goopy syrup and excess reese's! I guess I should go back for that peanut butter sundae thing.

Kristin / May 24, 2006 12:12 AM

I guess I don't have much to say other than I wish I could go fooding & to the music festival, but sadly, I live in the land near towns called "Babitt" and "Hibbing". Belle & Sebastian & Josh Rouse?...dang. You have good taste in music too. :D

Also, that cartoon was hilarious!

shukumei / May 24, 2006 12:31 AM

You have to eat the clown before it eats you! (I'm not very fond of clowns either.)

This is my first time commenting, but I've been reading your blog for a few months and I love it. ^_^

Angela C. / May 24, 2006 7:53 AM

Roboppy, they add HFCS to bread -- I checked the label on a loaf of Roman Meal wheat bread a few weeks ago and saw it in there. Sheesh, I grew up on the stuff and now it's been "improved". Sad.

Cheryl / May 24, 2006 9:11 AM

I stumbled on your page a little while ago and I think we were separated at birth! I mean we have the same tastes! Yummy "mozzarella,tomato, & basil" sammiches, sweet desserts from "Sugar Sweet Sunshine", and I just recently tried the "basil udon" from Cafetasia. Three words, "You go girl!"

I have a few suggestions for you to try fooding and let me know what you think. I am never disappointed by "Bite" (two locations) for any of their delish paninis made with Balthazar bread! Also, since I'm from Queens, you should stop on by to Forest Hills to go to "Nick's" for their amazing thin-crust brick oven pizza and cannolis, it's better than Lombardis (it has the chewy crust too).

Finally, my favorite Chinese bakeries are all in Flushing of course and I have many to suggest and my all time favorite bun is the "Pineapple Bun" (by no means made with pineapple).

Anyhoo, just wanted to say you're the food critic of my choice to go to for recommnedations. Keep on posting!

Backyard Chef / May 24, 2006 10:49 AM

That clown sundae is why people are afraid of clowns for sure. It was so sad, and I thought clowns were supposed to make people happy.

I think I'm one of those people that has eaten pizza while cruising down the sidewalk-- but only because I was desperately hungry-- I've realized I'm not coordinated to really do that.

The concerts sound great-- I'l bring a basket of bbq if that helps any....

roboppy / May 24, 2006 11:07 AM

Kristin: I WANNA LIVE NEAR BABITT AND HIBBING! Kinda. ...I guess the novelty would wear off after a while.

I live near a place called Hoboken. I never though it was a weird name, but I think that's because i'm used to it. Other people tend to think, "EHEHE, HOBOKEN?!"

Need more concerts! I think I spent too much time eating this year instead of concerting.

shukumei: The clown is tasty. I have no problem eating it.

Thanks for delurking! I'm easily approachable right? Right.

Angela: I know some bread has HFCS; that's the kind PEOPLE SHOULDN'T EAT, OH LORDY! Maybe you can write a letter to the bread company and be like, "WTF!" I would think that anything that has HFCS has some kind oh non-HFCS equivalent, unless its some sucky candy, but should have flour, yeast, salt, water, maybe things for flavor, but HFCS? Wah!

Cheryl: We're twins! Awesome. Thanks for your suggestions. I've been meaning to try Bite (god knows how many times I've passed it), yet...uh, haven't for some reason. And I'm up for good pizza! Even though my mum just told me not to eat pizza! Crap.

BAKERIIIES! I find it funny that I went to Flushing yet ate nothing. I tried to document the bakery explosion. Must..go back..

Backyard Chef: I don't understand who really likes clowns. They tend to just freak me out.

I'm odd in that I'm never desperately hungry (I'm pretty sure of this after going looong times without eating and thinking, " I eat something?"). I'll get munchies and then go insane figuring out what to eat, but that's usually to fulfill a specific craving for something (SUGAR). And I don't feel comfortable eating and walking at the same time, hehe. It all ends up in the same place though.

BBQ! That always helps.

Samurai Nick / May 24, 2006 11:16 AM

Here's a second recommendation for Nick's... and its not just cause we share the same name! It is really good and right in the neighborhood.

Also Bonelle's is a good bakery just next door to it.

ed / May 24, 2006 1:10 PM

ever since i started coming on to your blog, i find myself eating at nicer, more expensive restaurants! you've certainly changed my life! least my eating habits :P

Cathy / May 24, 2006 1:55 PM

I dig Friendly's because they normally have special menu items that come with a free sundae (though, not the clown one). Free sundae pretty much seals the deal for me. Plus, I don't mind eating there newest greasy concoctions.
Thanks for the Parisian link! My hubby and I were talking about the whole "why the French hate Americans" thing. That site gave me a little more insight. Though I have to say, if they get snooty cuz people keep their hands on their laps while at the table they need to relax. Foreigners living there is one thing, but tourists? Come on, we're there to see the sights and enjoy ourselves not assimilate. A think a little tolerance is in order. But I'll still keep those in mind when(if) ever I'm in Paris! :)

roboppy / May 24, 2006 9:17 PM

Nick BAKERY!!! Next to pizza! Sounds good.

ed: That's not such a bad thing, is it? Ehe...I don't think I eat nice food all the time, but people seem to get that impression. I try to eat tasty food at least.

Cathy: Ahh, free sundaes are awesome. I remember seeing commercials for them when I was little. And then I'd think, "Wait...all I want is the sundae."

I'm still thinking about that "hands on lap" thing. It felt really weird putting my hands on the table. Gravity wants my hands to be lower. :P

shukumei / May 24, 2006 10:15 PM

Robyn, you're very approachable. I just never had anything better to say besides "yum" and "OMG I want that" and various drooling noises.

About the "hands on lap" thing, I realise that I automatically rest my hands on the table while eating because I eat in the so-called european style - knife in right hand, fork in left and no switching over.

From Our Kitchen / May 25, 2006 12:00 AM

Did the tea taste like burning too? Because then it would be just like those berries Ralph eats on the Simpsons.

Anyway, if I had ordered your clown sundae when I was little I wouldn't have been able to eat it. It made me too sad to any food items with faces. Didn't matter if it used to have a face, like chicken or pig, but if it was shaped into a face, nope, I couldn't eat it.

AugustusGloop / May 25, 2006 12:16 AM

omg i seriously have no idea how you manage to blog so much. And it's always so entertaining! I know I sound like I'm being paid to say this (hello, free crate of chocolate!!) but you is unbelievable. Seriously! Forget the media pass, you need to be a food media magnate =)

Deb / May 25, 2006 9:54 AM

I used to hang out at Friendly's on Bloomfield Avenue (is it still there??) in Caldwell after High School events. It was pretty divey.

However, your post convinced me that John must take me to one around here for the super melty thing, french fries and onion rings. Oh, and a non-sugar added shake. And, some ice cream to take home.



roboppy / May 25, 2006 10:38 AM

shukumei: Drooling noises! I'm well acquainted with those.

I don't use knives very often, so I usually have a hand...uh, somewhere else. Chinese food is generally cut into bite-sized pieces before being served, assuming that the eater is using chopsticks. I usually use a fork, but I guess that's because I'M SO PAINFULLY AMERICAN! When I do use a knife though, I use it with my left hand. I know it's "wrong",, I don't care. I also hold my pencil incorrectly, yet it still gets the job done.

From Our Kitchen: It probably DID taste like burning. Ralphisms are awesome.

I don't mind eating things with faces. Chocolate bunny? DOWN THE HATCH! Heehe! A lot of Japanese snacks have faces, I think, like those little koala cookies. I chomp em in half to extend the pain.

AugustusGloop: I have no life! :D :|

Actually, I just sit a lot. One of my friends said she can't sit for too long; she needs to get up and stretch. I, on the other hand, tend to forget after 4 hours that I've been sitting for 4 hours, despite that my chair isn't even that comfortable. And then I don't get much sleep. Hm.

You are more magnate worthy than I am! Your blog must boost tourism in Sydney. ;D

Deb: I have no idea where Bloomfield Ave is, haha! do I know where Caldwell is. It sounds familiar though. Names of towns in NJ moosh together in my head.

Everyone wants to go to Friendly's now! I feel like we should have a Friendly's party.

LaserLiza / August 27, 2009 8:59 AM

I too have a weakness for Friendly's, even though side salad w/ tons of italian dressing+honey BBQ chicken strips+Cookies n' Cream sundae=WAY MORE FOOD THEN I SHOULD EAT EVER! and I always seem to order that.

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