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Burgers (& cupcakes from somewhere else) and a cheesy sandwich from 'wichcraft

maybe these are the colors that make you hungry; do you feel it?

"Hey, these are the same colors as Dunkin Donuts!"

"But there's no white."

"...Oh yeah."

I think it's close enough. The pink-orange-brown color palette works pretty well though, don't you think? Does it make your stomach churn with meat-digesting powers? IS YOUR BELLY SEETHING? If so, you might want to get that checked out.

pepto'-bismol is in

Yesterday for dinner I went to Burgers & Cupcakes with Amy, her sister Helen, Nick, and Janet. The purpose of this dinner was to take advantage of our youthful metabolism and "not exactly indestructable, but for the time being we'll pretend it is" health by scarfing down burgers and cupcakes. That is the name of the place, ye know. Sadly, we would not be rewarded with cupcakes to go alongside our burgers, but I'll get to that later.

burger with swiss and onion
[cue angel choir]

Amidst the wide variety of burger choices—ham (or...beef, rather), veggie, turkey, salmon, lemon grilled chicken, and portobello mushroom—I went with the standard ground beef patty, or as my mum might see it, "death wish in a bun". All burgers come with lettuce (which resembles a small baby greens salad), tomato, onion, and pickle that actually tastes like it was once a cucumber and not an acid-soaked plastic flap. I added swiss cheese and grilled onions to my burger (and ended up leaving out the raw onion or tomato) for $1 per topping, which I thought may be a smidge expensive,, I'm never going to make my own burger, so I shouldn't complain.

meat juice: worse milkshake flavor ever

Sorry if that photo offends the vegetarians here. Burgers demand an innards shot. I was the only one to ask for a rare burger (come on, don't you want to risk getting E. coli) and my disregard for everything I learned in my food safety classes rewarded me with a patty seeping with cow juices. Seeping, not dripping; I don't want to eat food that pees on me. The burger was very juicy, pretty thick compared to other similary circumferenced burgers I've eaten, and despite the juice soaking into the bun (which you can observe in the photo), the toasted bun didn't disintegrate under the destructive power of meat-and-fat-infused water. A few wipes on my napkin were enough to rid my hands of burger residue so that I could pick up my camera and ensure that it wouldn't get too grimy (although I could probably use a camera condom for all the food photos I take). The swiss cheese, whole rounds of grilled onions, and baby greens were better toppings than I've had on other similar burgers (ie, I wouldn't compare it to The Spotted Pig's burger, which was just smothered in cheese anyhoo).

my fries
golden sticks of 'tato

What's a burger without fries? Slightly reasonable. Adding fries makes the meal more likely to result in "funny, my stomach has turned into a brick" syndrome, but I shared them with Nick. That is what you do when you eat out with other humans; you must share the fun and the deep-fried pain. For $2 you get a cute little basket of fries that with the inclusion of the skins look like they were once part of a larger potato as opposed to baving been mashed up and molded into sticks. Probably due to my uncouth upbringing of McDonald's and...more McDonald's, I tend to prefer McD-style fries over these type. These were fine, although I would've liked it if they had been a little crispier.

cheese fries Janet's fries
cheese and a lighter shade, but still as unhealthy as ever!

Amy and Helen shared cheese fries, which came as a bowl of fries draped in melted cheese. I've never had cheese fries before, but I can combine the tastes of fries and cheese with the power of my brain (eh, I'm sure you could do that too) sounds pretty good in the deathly sense. Janet ordered regular fries that were strangely pallid compared to my golden orange batch. Maybe hers was fried in a fresh vat of oil? Or maybe the oil wasn't hot enough when the fries were dunked in? Or they weren't fried long enough? They were limp, but we still happily snarfed them down (my exact words were probably, "Mm....still good!"). No fried starchy substance is safe from our stomachs.

burger with swiss and mushrooms vegetarian burger
other burgers

Just so you can see some other burgers, Nick ordered a hamburger with swiss and grilled onions and Amy ordered a veggie burger that was disturbingly red. When asked what it tasted like (we figured...tomato?), she said it tasted like potato. Innnteresting.

When we were all done, our waitess asked if we wanted cupcakes. Hells yeah!...only problem is that there were only three cupcakes left (two small and one large) for five cupcake-hungry people. Er. Um. We passed on the cupcakes knowing that there was a Cupcake Cafe up the street.

I suppose B&C is still finding its legs as according to the waitress, they tend to run out of cupcakes around dinner time. If it weren't a new restaurant I would feel compelled to take a giant marker and cross off "& cupcakes" from its window (or take a sledgehammer and break the window, weehee!), but I think they'll shape up and actually make enough cupcakes to match their burger output. If not, they should get rid of the cupcakes part of the name, although that would only leave "burgers", which isn't an optimum name for googling. We were somewhat appalled that they failed to make enough cupcakes but...[breathes in, breathes out]'s cool. I'll check back another time. Nick has luckily tried the cupcakes twice already (obtained during lunch time), so he gave me this description:

The frosting/cake ratio is almost 50/50! Took a ruler and measured the thing. Total height of the cupcake: just under 3 inches (like 2.9"). Total height of the cake part: 1.5". Total height of the frosting: do ye math.

I seethe with jealousy. [seethes]

Anyhoo, back to the story. As we walked up 9th Avenue, I could see the shuttered Cupcake Cafe from afar. Holy shizz! Are we meant to have cupcakes or not?



Cupcake Cafe
it exists!

Ah! Alright, we were meant to have cupcakes.

tub o drinks counter
where drinks come to drown

We walked towards the back room past a few empty display cases (I suppose they're still cleaning up from moving in?) where trays of cupcakes waited to...not be eaten, as the place was closing soon (if you want one of their cupcakes after 7 PM, you're out of luck). It felt a bit creepy in the dark, woody room crowded with small tables and chairs since there weren't any people around, but that kind of environment might be cosy during busier hours. Or it might always be odd. I liked the makeshift tub-cooler.

vanilla on vanilla vanilla on chocolate chocolate on chocolate chomp

We each bought a large cupcake ($3.25) except for Amy, who went with the small and later lamented that she didn't get a large. The large one is pretty freakin' huge, but the small one is wimpy. You may as well pig out and get the larger one.

Since the place was closing, we had to take our cupcakes elsewhere to actually ingest them. We carried our cupcakes across the street to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, where I'm sure no one ever hangs out to eat cupcakes...UNTIL NOW. We're so cool, soon everyone else will be doing it. Or not. Probably not.

Cupcake Cafe's cupcakes are different from most others I've had. One thing that sets them apart is the carefully crafted frosting flowers. They're almost too pretty to eat...but hell, nothing's too pretty to eat, so chomp away. The frosting is uber-buttery, which may or may not be your thing. All frostings are my things. Yes. The cake is denser than most and has the texture of cornbread, as Nick pointed out. Amy said that maybe the dense texture was a sign of the early stages of turning stale. Like any cupcake, it would benefit from a quick nuke or re-baking, but it was satisfying as is. Naturally, I consumed the whole thing.


make me a sammich!

I've never tried 'wichcraft before, but I couldn't pass up this sandwich place after finding out that they just opened a new location near NYU.

grilled fontina
the gooo, the gooo!

After much blank staring at the menu, I ordered "grilled fontina black with trumpet mushrooms & white truffle fondue on pullman white bread". The sandwich was perfectly grilled, resulting in ridiculously stringy melted cheesy pulling action. I don't know what white truffle fondue is, but I suppose it's buried in the mushroom-spotted cheesy viscera. Tasty. I'd eat it again...

grilled fontina
a lonely sandwich

...But for $9.75, I don't think it was worth it. I can't judge 'witchcraft overall after only eaten one sandwich, but they all seem to come in one size ("small") for more money than I'd pay for most sandwiches. Really, that costs as much (or more) as inoteca, and I thought their sandwiches were small (but they might be larger than 'wichcraft's; I don't remember). The sandwich was yummy (although I prefer rolls/baguettes to sliced bread), but I don't necessarily want a larger one—I just wish it were a little less expensive.

roast beef roast beef chicken breast chicken breast
other sandwiches

Tony ordered "roast beef with grilled red onions, radish slaw & black pepper aioli on ciabatta roll" and Cindy got "chicken breast with roasted red pepper, mozzarella & pesto on grilled country bread". Yummy, but still kinda pricey by hovering around $10.

cookies and stuff
cookies and stuff

The baked goods looked pretty good, so maybe I'll return to try a scone or a cookie. But for a sandwich? Ah...I don't know. If they have a sandwich that you think I must try due to being beyond-fantabulous, please let me know.

Pamela's Bake Shop
a slightly large hole in the wall

Otherwise, I could go to Pamela's Bake Shop on West 4th Street and for a few bucks less get a sandwich that's a little different, but just as satisfying.

portabella mushroom panino INNARDS
sammich time

I ate that sandwich about a month ago, but failed to mention it. FOR SHAME! This grilled portabella mushroom panini with mozzerella cheese, pesto mayo, and red onion on focaccia was filled, filling (what's the point in repeating the list?), meaning it was awesome when coupled with the chewy, slightly crispy grilled bread. I think the pesto mayo put it over the edge. Mayo is magical. Use it with pride; just don't overdo it.

Too lazy to use google? FINE!

Burgers & Cupcakes
458 9th Ave
New York, NY 10018

Cupcake Cafe
545 9th Ave
New York, NY 10018

60 E 8th St
New York, NY 10003

Pamela's Bake Shop
6 W 4th St
New York, NY 10012

random food related stuff

Diet-blog informs us, "Sleep and Stay Slim". SLEEP! I CAN DO THAT! I must agree "that weight management is so much more than just diet - or even exercise." Not that I think exercise is bad, but when I was at my lowest weight in 12th grade, I didn't do any extra exercise; my weight loss relied solely on changing my diet. I highly doubt I got much sleep either since I was in high school (waking up before 7 AM spells FUN!!!). Diet is my key to losing weight, but as you can, it's hard for me to get back into that vegetarian/raw food state of mind. However, it's not hard to go from raw fruits and veggies to cooked slabs of meat (at least it wasn't a problem for me). For a short period of my life I look like this (surely you can recognize which one I am) and, I look like that, but more bloated.

Being slimmer got me nowhere except into smaller pants. And I guess my lungs were less mucus-filled. [sigh] That was pretty nice. I spent this morning morning in a perpetual state of wheeziness, which—coupled with my mum's lecture about my crappy eating habits that made me feel like a stupid moron (as opposed to a smart one)—put me in an extremely sour mood all morning. Add to that my state of semi-sickness from allergies and that I traveled an hour to work only to find that there wasn't much work for me, meaning that I came home early when I could've kept the REM state going on for a couple of extra hours. Oh well...there are worse things. I just wish I didn't live in NJ where I'm an unwalkable six miles away from the train station.

Life could be much worse. I should shut up.

Check out The Paupered Chef's Shake Shack Alternative Map. Sweeeet. I like the Shake Shack (and I still have a freakin' gift card), but not so much that I'll wait half an hour or more for a burger.

Anyone wanna help me make an "awesome bakery" google map?

In "Life in the Fast Food Lane, Frank Bruni chomps down a gajillion fatty and sugary calories from 42 stops over 9 days so you don't have to. Which is great, because I wouldn't. He gives the thumbs up to Dairy Queen, which due to my suburban living only exists a 10 minute drive away from my house. (This one-up over NYC isn't much to brag about.) Although I've lived here for most of my life, I've probably been to DQ less than 5 times. If anyone wants to join me, I would love to go and try this...this "Blizzard".

(Actually, I've had the Blizzard once, but it maybe have been five years ago, thus I recall nothing. Hell, what did I do yesterday? Dunno.)

If you haven't been there before, Eating Asia is awesome.

Thanks again to everyone who signed my frappr map! I didn't expect to get that many visitors so quickly. KEEP GOIN'! I read all the shoutouts, so to reply to most of them I'll say "Thanks!', "Hi!", and "Yes, innards are awesome."

comments are people too

Cool beans, Will Goldfarb left a comment! Unless there's more than one. (Do you know how much my name sucks? Having "Lee" as a last name is useless; it covers multiple cultures and is both a first and last name. "LEE" IS THE BLACK HOLE OF IDENTITY.) I didn't think "nerdy" was an inappropriate term, although I failed to check with wikipedia first. I suppose having Steve Urkel as your mascot is not very encouraging.

So...I propose the word geeky instead. That might be cooler than being a nerd, although that's a hot debate that I can't get into...because I don't care. Bwahaha!

I wouldn't mind being a geek or a nerd, but I'm not intellectual or passionate enough about anything to fulfill either of these terms. I think. Anyone beg to differ? I think my interest in web standards is slightly geeky, but I've become lazy with that (put this page through a bunch of validators and I'm sure it'll fail). I have a weird interest in experimental electronic music, but it's only a tiny slice of the genre that appeals to me, the kind that elicits the response, "EHEHE, IT'S BLOOPY!!!!" I feel somewhat alone in this genre because rarely does anyone share my interest in Plone (one of my favorite groups in the history of group-ness), and everyone besides my friend who got me into them has been male. Strange?

I'm weird, but still too normal. NOOOO!!!!


Kristin / May 25, 2006 2:45 AM

You have a reader in Estonia? Sweeet. Unless someone's playing a dumb joke....but the name looked pretty non-American-ish. Yes, I just made up a word. Who cares, it's 1:30 in the morning! :D

Witchcraft is a very strange name for a resteraunt.

You've never been to a Dairy Queen before! I had a Blizzard yeaterday! haha, maybe it's another one of those Midwest things or someting. But I've never actually been inside a Dunkin' Doughnuts maybe it's all just personal prefrence.

roboppy / May 25, 2006 7:28 AM

jo: That's all that was worth commenting on in my post? [sniff]...that's alright. As the person who has to look at myself in the mirror every morning, I think I look worse now, but...uh, I'm doing a good job keeping the crappy photos out if you think I look cuter. ;D

Amy: People want to keep their youth for a reason!

Kristin: Non-American-ish sounds like a ROBYN word to me! Hooraaah. Making up words is totally fine at 1:30. Or anytime. Yes.

It is a weird name. Took me a while to realize it was "wichcraft" and not "witchcraft", haha....ah. Sad.

The DQ near my house has been there forerver, so I guess it's just ME who doesn't go. I'll make it a point to visit this summer. I've never actually bought anything in DD before, but I've been inside. My friend wanted an iced coffee once, hehe.

Claudia / May 25, 2006 7:48 AM

wow omggggg the burgers look soooooooo good. *sigh* i should never look at your site when i'm hungry. the cupcakes look pertyyy esp the look cuter now than before =)keep up the bloggig and eating hehe

Backyard Chef / May 25, 2006 7:50 AM

I used to work around the corner from the 'Witchcraft off of Park Avenue South-- stopped in once and said "holy moley overpriced!" The sandwich was tasty, but I'll leave it to the high rollers and play street cart chicken roulette.

I know they get slammed by some, but I LOVE cupcake cafe. That uber-buttery icing is just up my alley. Then again, I could probably just eat pats of butter. I'd be sick, but it'd be worth it. Yay!

Claudia / May 25, 2006 7:55 AM

btw thanks for the info about pamela's bake shop cause i pass by it at times and wonder about it. it is near dojo right? cause dojo has this amazing tahini dressing on salads, nothing else is worthy of getting...yummy yummy get in my tummy =P

redrhino / May 25, 2006 8:28 AM

[quote]meat juice: worse milk shake flavor ever[/quote]
Remember that episode of Happy Day's were Fonzie had,(checks blog info,Robyn age 20).
oops,ha,ha,NEVER MIND!

chochotte / May 25, 2006 8:31 AM

I can't get over how pricey those sandwiches are! I thought perhaps it was the truffle that did it, but the others are about the same price so I think not. God! But - 'wichcraft IS the best name for a food-vending-shop that I have heard in a LONG time: still can't forgive them those prices though.

The burger looks GOOD. Huge. Good.

Samurai Nick / May 25, 2006 11:42 AM

Maybe after 6pm they should call the place Burgers & Cupcake. It was good though.

I like the idea of a bakery map. There should probably be one for every possible food genre.

whitney / May 25, 2006 12:00 PM

Hey again, you msged me on your map thingy. wicked. you are my hero. i didnt think there was anyone who loved food as much as me. i think i may be wrong.

anyways, about toronto, the food is ok, better than the small town where im from, but NY just seems better. ive only been to NYC once, but my fondest memory was tasty delight (ok theres better ice cream out there, but for 40 calories? ive stopped caring about calories now, im a bad nutrition student). although american food in supermarkets is sometimes creepy and frightening. spray cheese? seriously.

if you ever wanted to visit toronto you could stay with me and we could go eating together. i also think your tres cute. mua. that was an internet kiss.


roboppy / May 25, 2006 12:01 PM

Claudia: People tend to regret coming here when they're hungry. OOPS.

It's right by Dojo, yup. I've only bee to Dojo once, but i heard good things about the dressing. I guess I should try it again.

Backyard Chef: Street cart chicken sounds good. I've never tried it. Actually, I haven't tried any cart food. :O

I like the butter frosting too! I wouldn't say it's my favorite cupcake, but I don't see what's bad about it.

redrhino: Haha...Fonzie wuh?!

Okay, I've seen Happy Days before, but ages ago, which means I remember pretty much nothing. :P

chochotte: The prices are scary! I DO NOT GET IT! They must be doing well if they can open another location though.

After eating the burger, I thought "...uhh..belly..." And then I ate a cupcake.


Man, that just doesn't sound as appetizing.

Nick: When will I try this awesome cupcake, when?!

Bakery blog! I want to start one of those. But that would only encourage my bakery hunting.

whitney: TASTI D-LITE! That stuff can be good or bad depending on where you get it from. I've tried it a few times and it was alright each time, although when I started eating really good ice cream, I couldn't imagine eating Tasti D-Lite again.

Spray cheese. Lordy. (shudders) It's wrong.


Ani / May 25, 2006 12:08 PM


I am going to Burgers and Cupcakes today with a couple of my coworkers. Woo hoo!

Claudia / May 25, 2006 12:55 PM

i was wondering, while you were on the raw food diet, what kinda veggies did you eat raw?

Annie / May 25, 2006 2:48 PM

Sandwich you must have at 'Wichcraft: frisee, white anchovy ans soft egg on ciabatta. Trust me, the egg is no more gross than mayo or any other semi-liquid sandwich filling. As to the prices, $10 looks good to me when I'm comparing it to $15 or $20 in a sit-down restaurant. It's a bargain way to get even more expensive food--like Bouchon Bakery. But i can see why no one could eat there every day, unless it was the big meal of the day.

ed / May 25, 2006 2:49 PM

dooood that burger looks gooooooood! and pink is in! i'd love to eat at a pink burger joint!

Lutkie / May 25, 2006 3:19 PM

Heeheheh Pepto bismol..and the angel choir...hehe that's exactly what I thought. Anyhoosie Those cupcakes and sammiches look damn tasty. I watched arrested development and confirmed that we did indeed see that guy. Of course, who wouldn't want maple butter. I'm getting pysched for your norway trip.

roboppy / May 25, 2006 4:43 PM

Ani: I hope you got cupcakes at burgers & cupcakes! COS THEY SHOULD HAVE EM.

Claudia: I mainly ate fruit, but veggies I ate were leady salad greens, sometimes broccoli, carrots, celery...not carrots so much since I realized I didn't digest them well. I tried just about anything that was edible raw, hehe. I LOVE PEAS! MMM! Green beans! Snow peas! I ate corn for a while, which was yummy, but I don't think I digested that well either.

Annie: Ahh, a recommendation! I shall try that sandwich then.

Look at Bouchon's menu, the prices aren't much more. They don't have as wide of a variety, but I think their sandwiches are larger...sometimes. Depends, I guess. I tried Bouchon's ham and cheese baguette, which was pretty big (I split it with a friend). I heard Bouchon's tuna sandwich is really good and that's a reasonable size (I'd like to try it). My cheese sandwich was so..dainty!

If I'm paying $10-$15 at a sit down restaurant, I'd hope for more food than thwe sandwich I got at wichcraft. There's also more service, hehe. Then again, wichcraft is supposed to be fast, which is is. Unless it's crowded, in which case I can see it taking a while.

ed: Pink is a nice color for a restaurant. Feels like I'm in someone's belly.

Lutkie: EVERYONE WANTS MAPLE BUTTER. That stuff is good. Thank god I don't live near there.

Two more weeks-ish!!

Sioux / May 25, 2006 4:48 PM

About the meat juice milkshake flavor:

One of my friends in high school convinced some Friendly's workers to make him a "meat Fribble." I think it consisted of ground beef and ice cream. And it made him puke in the parking lot, so... yeah, that probably is the worst milk shake flavor ever.

Just thought you'd want some actual "scientific" research to go along with the theory!

Cat / May 25, 2006 10:02 PM

Ok, first place Bakery for your Map. "Baked" in Brooklyn, if you ever get over here, I will take you to fairway and Baked and possibly Paninoteca275, Baked is on Van Brunt St in Red Hook, Brooklyn. (Yummy EVERYTHING! *Smacks own hand and reminds herself that eating healthy is good!) I blogged about a three day binge at Baked (though I only blogged about 2 days) They deliver cookies and cupcakes. Oh, and tragically, maple butter is insanely easy to make. (whip maple syrup, add cream) Yum...on biscuits....yum...

David / May 25, 2006 10:55 PM

This may be an unfair question, but I'll ask anyway. Between Shake Shack and Burgers and Cupcakes, which do you recommend? Eh, never mind, I'll try both this long weekend. It's OK to eat burgers twice during a three day weekend, right?

Sophie / May 26, 2006 5:23 AM

that very first picture looks like a close up on a bar of chocolate made of cardboard...those wiches are damn expensive man, looks like the customer is paying for the ectricity needed to heat them up or what...or is it the "we buy our fontina and parmiggiano from local farmers who happen to be the owners uncle in umbria or tuscany; thus the expensive price for transport and sentimentality".

(PS, I am home now and can therefore stay gawking and salivating at the pics for as long as I wish; as opposed to shamefully hiding my maniac-ness to fellow students in the computerspace)

good enough cook / May 26, 2006 9:56 AM

Yes, GO! Go eat a Blizzard! I read Frank Bruni's article, too, and my curiosity was piqued...and there's a DQ about five minutes from my house, but I've expanded out of my work wardrobe, so I've either got to lose ten pounds or spend way to much money on clothes. No Blizzards for me. But you go, take some friends, eat a few, and tell us if they're as good as Frank says. Inquiring (if temporarily abstemious) minds want to know.

Bill Belew / May 26, 2006 11:25 AM

Your pictures always make me so hungry. Between the burger, grilled cheese and cupcake I'm not exactly sure what I want for dinner... maybe some combination of the three!

roboppy / May 26, 2006 1:31 PM

Sioux: One of your friends had a meatshake? Good...god. Now we know for sure that it makes ye puke.

Cat: Ahh, I've been interested in going to Baked! I guess I've been too lazy to actually go out there; I've never been to Red Hook! I'd love to try Paninoteca 275 ooof course.

Reading your blog makes me feel guilty about all the crap I eat! Eeeek...I think I shall eat fruit for lunch. :)

OH OH, hummingbird cake is so good, yes! I've only had it once from Buttercup Bakeshop since it doesn't seem like a lot of places make it. Ahh.

David: I've thought about that question too! I Shake Shake is probably tastier, but they're both really good, and I think Shake Shake's is smaller. I remember eating that baby in what felt like 10 seconds. B&C left me a little more stuffed. :) How would you compare em?

Sophie: Hehe, it does look like chocolate. If only...that would be a huge piece of chocolate.

Putting sandwiches in a sandwich press is TOUGH! Yeeah! should just get my own press.

Need a napkin?

good enough cook: I think you coudl afford to have onnnne Blizzard. :D I understand expanding out of your clothes though. Yesterdy I had to suck it in to wear my favorite skirt. :( Anyhoo, I shall try the Blizzard at some point!

Ani: Oh no, they didn't have cupcakes? Or they didn't taste good?

Bill: Grilled cheesburger cupcake!...

Okay, maybe not.

Anne / May 26, 2006 3:16 PM

Girl, keep taking all of the sandwich photos. As a fellow sammich fan, I can't get enough and I figure looking at your photos can't result in my butt getting too big.

Adalmin / May 26, 2006 5:05 PM

The first picture hypnotised me. I was staring, staring into the deep, dark, delicious depths of that frosty pink, that sizzling orange, that decadent chocolate, until I had to go out to See's Candies before my brain exploded of hunger.

Grr...that was uncalled for. Next time, try not to take such awesome photographs that warp the very fabric of food-time!

Kathy / May 26, 2006 8:52 PM

Holy moly, man - do you have any idea how famous you are? I was talking to my friend the other day and she was like "you gotta see this blog, it's INCREDIBLE" and then she typed in your address. Even people on this distant 50th state island drool over your site!

Almost to Norway - you must keeeep posting on your eatings there. I'm just happy you had all your travel plans solved. I'm rooting for you!

Hey guess what I just realized? We'll be graduating the same year! Let's meet up in some crazy country with awesome food and celebrate! Such wild dream :) we'll make it happen!

Renato / May 27, 2006 11:48 AM

hey there- i recently started reading your fantastic blog. if you are ever in the red hook area of brooklyn, stop by our bakery ( feel free to ask for me- would enjoy meeting you!

sam / May 27, 2006 3:26 PM

I cant believe I will at long last be in NYC in less than a weeks time. And I still havent decided about all the places to eat. We are going to have to do some street type food for sure. I hope I get to meet you. I am sure we can order a pot of tea at the bar. I really wish I could make you a cake, but I dont think my hotel room will have the necessary facilities

roboppy / May 27, 2006 4:28 PM

Anne: My bum is getting big! Ahh!

Adalmin: Mmm, See's...I ate a box my myself. Don't worry, it took a while! Mmmm.

Food-time! I warped food-time? I didn't know I had that kind of power. Oops. :)

Kathy: Haha, yesss, I shall takeover Hawaii! Your friend must be pretty cool, *cough*.


That's so cool that we're graduating the same year! I will TOTALLY meet up somewhere. VIETNAM?! HAHA! Okay, maybe not.

Renato: Thanks for stopping by! I MUUUUST visit your bakery! It's sad I haven't gone yet. Need...cookies...

Sam: Maybe someone should make a hotel where you can BAKE STUFF! Or. Okay, that's just an apartment. Tea sounds lovely, as long as there's plenty of sugar on hand. :D

Rem / July 2, 2006 8:28 PM

Hey I was at burgers and cupcakes and one of the waitresses explained to me ..." it's not that we don't make enough cupcakes for there to be cupcakes at night... " it's basically that since we're new business isn't really predictable we go by what we sold the previos nights before and what the demand is... everry morning there are over 300 cupcakes baked, and some days we'll end up with like 230 left over and other days there aren't any at all"

Something random from the archives