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buy my t-shirt or the cake gets it




John looks sad.


Jayne's awesome!
Gooo Jayne!



Yup. Okay. I already did one printing for the people who really wanted them. Then other people said, "Oh wait, I wanted one! Boohoo!" So I'm doing another printing. But people...they ain't biting. Maybe they need a friendly reminder. So this entry is it.

Here are people's comments about the shirt. You know, the people who own one. Don't you want one? YES!

"The problem with wearing this shirt is that it causes people to start at one's chest and smile a lot.

It also gives one a craving for pancakes. (And if I had a dirty mind, I'd suggest that it causes young men to think they need to take me home and, ahem, cook me breakfast the next morning.)"

- Liz

"...I woke up at a friend's house this past weekend with the poofy shirt on and had some pancakes."

- Rich

"I got my poofy shirt today already! Today is a good day. Well except my VISA bill was hidden underneath the package. But that is fine."

- Yan

"We got the shirt and my daughter is so happy. She wore it today to school."

- Janis

"Thats right, this shirt says it all. I love it! Oh and probably cause I got it for free too. But besides that you don't see this kinda truth in Sunnyside, everyone is still sporting stupid American Eagle garb printed all over them."

- Heather

"She�s made some pretty fun t-shirts, too, if you�re into that."

- Mike

Rock on.

...Buy my t-shirt. I've used the delivery of the shirt as an excuse to meet up with people to eat. HA HA HA. I'm doomed.


Kathy / April 5, 2006 12:40 AM

Your shirt's rock indeed! :) Thanks for giving me one over break - I've definitely put it to good use. Now that you mention it...I AM craving pancakes. oooh nnooo. Going to feed my tummy.
PS What kind of roomate doesn't finish a slice from Financier. That is ridiculous! (or maybe I'm just bitter I'm not your roomate).

roboppy / April 5, 2006 3:45 PM

Kathy: Spread the poofy madness on the west coast! :D:D:D I'm strangely not craving pancakes...could go for some ice cream though...

My roommate is a bit of a healthy eater, haha. However, I have seen empty pints of Ciao Bella in the trash. (COUGH) Not my doing! I could never buy a pint of any ice cream.

Ohh, if we were roommates...what a dream.

serene: You can spread poofy madness in Singapore! SWEEET! Thanks for the poofy love!

Mochene / April 5, 2006 3:51 PM

Ok, ok, how do I get the pancakes? Does that come with a side of t-shirt? I'll take a small, but I don't know what color. Gee, I know how I like my pancakes, but not my side of t's.

Ash / April 5, 2006 10:55 PM

I've gotten many compliments and questions about my Poofy shirt! I guess I'm responsible for spreading the Poofy/pancake love down here in the South? ;)

Deb / April 6, 2006 10:16 AM

I always read your blog in the morning and it always makes me sooooo hungry! I'll check out Doma next week. mmmmm

Thanks for the insane photos. Good job!

roboppy / April 6, 2006 1:31 PM

Mochene: Real pancakes...hmm...never thought about that. ;D (The last time I made pancakes, I overate them and wanted to diiie.) I should hold a pancake party in my kitchen! Except I won't be here when the t-shirts come in. Damn. I'm gonna keep that in mind. In the future I can hold a "Pancake Social", the only requirement being that everyone wear their pancake shirts.

Jane: Thanks! I HAVE A ZIT NOW! So my complexion ain't so hot.

Ash: You're totally representing poofy in the south. YAHOOO! Do people compliment you and question you? "Cool shirt!...what the hell is it?"

Viv: Ooh, there are women's sized shirts but no tank tops. I never even though about that. I'm not very good with tank arms need to be partially covered, haha.

Deb Eek, maybe you should read my blog after you've eaten for the day. ;D

John / April 15, 2006 6:22 PM

I just saw this! Hehe. Not sad... dreaming of pancakes. Rendered catatonic from my pancake jones. If you look closely you'll see there's drool coming out the corner of my mouth.

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