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"Quit eating so much fatty"

Check out the last comment on this entry.

Ahhh, good words of advice, Rob at "fakeaddress". Good job doing important research and clicking on a link through eBay. ...How the heck did that happen? It's unlikely that "the cashews are full of doom" would be the final title of an important alert about the dangers of cashews, although if anyone's wondering, from my unscientific research as a plebeian nut eater, cashews are poisonous straight from the plant (the skin, that is) and require careful processing, usually in the form of heat. For that reason, many raw foodists are concerned about their raw cashews actually being uncooked or merely unroasted, which gave rise to purveyors of truly raw cashews where the skin is removed by...uh, careful knife skills? I've tried both raw and, "raw" cashews, and I couldn't tell much of a difference, but my taste buds aren't too good. Anyway, don't quote me on anything; everything I just said may have been false, except for that last sentence.

Oops, that was a digression. Anyway, I have to admit I feel lucky that I don't get more hate comments since this is an open forum and there are lots of great people out there who want to voice their sub-positive opinions, which for someone like me is extremely destructive. Thankfully, I know I'm not actually that fat, so I can't take the "fatty" comment to heart. If I were fatter, I'd actually feel really bad right now, which is why I really should get too fat.

I just thought I'd point that out for your enjoyment. So. Enjoy!

...Actually, I have more thoughts about this related to the acceptance of demeaning other people for certain habits. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, but can I tell other people that they suck for doing so in excessive, regretful quantities? I could, but I don't think it's necessary unless they're really screwed up, in which case I couldn't do anything to help them.

I think it was "Super Size Me" where a guy was interviewed saying that while it's acceptable to berate people for something unhealthy like smoking, it's insensitive to point out to fat people that they should eat less. Although eating unhealthily in (lack of) nutrition and quantity is likely to lead to being overweight, it doesn't always happen. And overweight people may just be at their weight way no matter what they do. I guess those are the exceptions. Not everyone who smokes is going to get lung cancer or die at an early age either.

...That wasn't a very good comparison since smoking and eating aren't exactly the same but I'm just blabbing out crap. That's what you get for having a blog.

The only people who called me fat growing up were my family members and really close friends (jokingly, I think). I didn't mind the friends as much as the family members. :P But hey, they're family so I can't exactly disown them. Many people seemed so proud of me when I managed to lose weight. I didn't get any backlash for gaining it back, besides having a bunch of clothing I can't fit into anymore.'s not weight I should be so concerned about much as health (obviously they're related, but losing weight doesn't necessarily make one healthy, although it may be the main factor; it all depends!). Let's not forget that for a smidgen of time, I actually did want to be a nutritionist (until I decided I didn't like conventional nutrition, although to be unconvention you have to take the conventional route first...doh). I'm far from the healthiest person alive, but I hope to not destroy myself too much. How ya doin, pancreas? [waits for a reply] ...Uh oh.

Here are 10 Habits That Mess Up A Woman's Diet. Woman's. Men, what kind of problems do you have with dieting? I can identify with most of these habits except for the Happy Hour one and the last one (not that I've never eaten emotionally, but I don't honestly think that's a big problem; my life is rather dull). Can you imagine what would happen if I drank liquids with calories in em? Totally screwed! Water is tasty!

A commenter on that blog post wrote that "Once your body gets used to not eating refined sugar and processed food, it adjusts quite well and cravings really do go away." I do see that happening...I mean, we'd all benefit from eating smaller quantities of refined food. However, when I ate raw food, I craved sugar. A lot. I never craved sugar that much before. Perhaps I was doing something wrong, which is an interesting thing about diets that promote health (as opposed to those for just...weight loss, although not necessarily); when they don't work, many times the dieter takes the blame instead of seeing the diet as faulty. However, refined sugar and processed food are usually bad for you, so god knows what happened to me.

Once again, blogging has consumed my life. I'm going to watch Gilmore Girls now.


Mila / January 11, 2006 2:43 AM

Comments like those are just a waste of time. Why do people even post them? Haven't they heard of the dictum: if you can't say anything nice, don't say anthing at all?

Mahar / January 11, 2006 7:47 AM

You should come to the Philippines already, where we will feed you and feed you and feed you and feel bad if we could not fatten you up.

Trekking for food here is not the mark for an insane person here. It's a fact of life.

Love macarons. There's a restaurant here called Bizou that serves the most delightful macarons, and they are sweet and horribly yummy enough that you pop them into your month without counting. Ugh.

So what do you think? I'm sure the Philippine foodie community will be more than glad to host you.

Rachelle / January 11, 2006 8:10 AM

I love your blog. Please keep posting photos that make me want to eat everything in sight.

Great response to the pile of shit that guy posted. He's not worth any more attention though. He obviously has serious issues that none of us can hope to correct by paying him any more heed.

Nerissa / January 11, 2006 10:30 AM

Ok. I obviously need to read more of your posts than I have been able to of late. I wasn't aware that you'd done raw. So have I. Oddly enough I didn't crave sweet as you did. I craved smoked food. Big time.
And, speaking of raw cashews... I still have a bag of those in my cupboard from my foray into raw but I'm still a little scared of them because they still have their shell on them (albeit split open for convenience). I never touched them but I'm too Scottish to throw them away. Damned frugal genes.

Ani / January 11, 2006 12:52 PM

Robyn that guy was an ass. I commented on his comment. How dare he! I'm heavy. I got heavy in college. My mom was pretty good and having us kids like fruits and veggies which I like to this day. But once I got in college I went nutty and ate bad foods. I did eat good ones but my metabolism was shot by then. I couldn't burn the weight off as fast. And now I am too lazy to care. I should. I don't have as many bad eating habits though. I just need to excersize. My family members were consumed with appearance and the slightest bit of weight was a no no. I don't think its nice.

Wei / January 11, 2006 12:52 PM

How can anybody make a mean comment about someone that likes baked goods? I think even terrorists like baked goods. Anybody that's anti-baked goods should be shot.. j/k. heh Oh.. btw, you are NOT fat. That's healthy. Don't be like one of those stick maniquen women out there. Stay healthy.

As for the dieting thing.. well, frankly, I just don't know many men that do diet. I cerainly don't.. heh. Probably why you see a bunch of guys out there running around w/ a massive gut. When/if I do decide to lose a bit of weight, I usually just do a simple in = out rule. Actually its a 3 way equation, if anybody wants the diagram, I can do a simple powerpoint and point it out. Anyways, a colleague once described it to me. He is an aerobics instructor and a pretty darn good one at that. Losing weight is easy. Maintaining it .. that's the displine/hard part.

roboppy / January 11, 2006 2:06 PM

Thanks for all the comments, guys! NOW I SHALL REPLY TO EVVERRRRY ONNNNE.

Mila: I have no idea. :( I wonder why people spend time on pointless, negative things that don't help out anyone at all. Then again, I do pointless things too...they're just not negative, hehe. Unless I cause people to go on fooding binges. (scratches head)

Mahar: OH MY GOD I so want to go there! I've seen so many photos of Bizou that it DRIVES ME NUTS! Why don't we have something like that here? Argh! America! Boring! In all honestly, I'd totally take a trip to the Philippines figuring people wouldn't mind housing me and taking me places. In return I could...uh. Um. I dunno. I was going to say "bring a truckload of American foodstuffs" but they're probably not that good and the airport would quanrantine them.

Rachelle: Thankks for reading! I hope I don't actually make you want to eat everything in sight. :) True, that guy isn't worth the attention, especially when that's just one comment out of a gazillion nice comments, know. Mraah! Anger! Etc! Time for a cookie.

Nerissa: Don't worry about not reading all the posts; I make too many! I refer to raw food every now and then, not much. The most I've talked about raw food is actually from my older blog, but you'd have to be really bored to crawl through that. So...smoked food? That's interesting; I'm pretty sure I never got that craving. I don't get it now at least, hehe. I became such a sugar-holic eating raw food, so I guess something was "imbalanced". I remember eating 30-something dates in one sitting. As for those cashews, maybe it's time to chuck em. ;)

Ani: Thanks for your comment on his comment. ;) I went CRAZY at the end of my freshman year for two reasons: 1) "I'm in college, away from home, able to eat whatever I want!" and 2) "I just got off my raw food diet, and now I can eat whatever I want!" ...It wasn't a good combo. I gained a LOT of weight in just a week. :| I don't burn easily, but if I don't eat for a while I do lose weight. My family doesn't exercise, but my mum and brother are just naturally slim! Kinda. Doh.

Wei: EVERYONE LIKES BAKED GOODS! I don't know if everyone likes cashews, but those are damn tasty too. The world would be a happier place if we all shared baked goods. I'll never be a stick-woman, don't worry. But hey, I could go the OTHER way and become hippo-esqe woman! Er. Let's hope not.

I don't know guys who diet either. I've heard of guys wanting to bulk up though, which I find hilarious since...I could never understand that desire. As far as guys go, I think I go for the skinny look. :P Three way equation? Sounds...interesting. Maintaining lost weight is so hard. :(

Kristen Hudy / January 11, 2006 8:13 PM

Wow, that was lame. He was probably just mad because reading your blog made him hungry, and he is fat (but has a resolution), so he just made up an assignment as an excuse to be a jerk off. Hehe.

Mila / January 11, 2006 11:07 PM

Well, the foodies in the Philippines will definitely keep you happy eating all the time. You should definitely plan a trip over soon. I'm sure Mahar, me, and other of your food fans will be happy to put you up, feed you, and walk you after the feasting so you can eat again (got that makes you sound like a pet). And some of those lovely croissants or chocolates from Financier and other chocolateries will be a great gift. Cheese too! :)

william / January 12, 2006 8:40 AM

The internet is infested with idiots and occasionally one will wander into your garden. All you can do try to ignore it.

As for dieting I found the biggest problems to be a combination of lack of discipline and distractions. People from work want to go out to lunch or out for drinks or what have you and trying to maintain discipline in the face of egg yolk sauce at the Japanese steak house isn't easy. I also found it hard to get down to more reasonable portions of food, especially when drug out to a restaurant with friends. Too often I'd find myself eating the wrong things or just too much of the right things. I'd have reached my goals a lot faster without all the distractions.

The only thing I didn't have discipline problems with was exercise. Of course I have a stationary bike sitting next to my bed so I won't have excuses not to exercise, but it was the easy part.

mumu / January 12, 2006 11:25 AM

People who make nasty comments about other people's appearance and behaviour without even knowing them personally obviously have issues. You're alright, Robyn.

roboppy / January 12, 2006 1:24 PM

Kristen: HAHA, funny speculation. :)

Mila: Whoa, you guys would feed me and walk me around and clothe me and bathe me and...oh, I took it too far. But if people would seriously just take this gluttonous stranger into their homes, I'd so go.

William: If we all just ate chocolate and pastries, we'd all get alloooong! Just little bites, not too much overeating if possible. :)

Another distracting thing is when most of the friends who want to eat out with you are slimmer than you. >__mumu: You're right! Or maybe they're just rude and tactless. But maybe...I HAVE ISSUES! (sobs) Just kidding. Maybe.

James from Water Street / January 13, 2006 12:17 PM

Hey! I have found your food blog. Muahahahahahaha. I thought I'd add my own input in reponse to your entry, specifically the part about guys dieting habits.

I've lost about 50 lbs since Freshmen year, so I've been off and on the dieting wagon a lot. For me, the following things tend to severely hurt my diet

-Hanging out with people who are not dieting- This is difficult because often, my friends and I will all just go in on a few pizzas. Its hard to say no because then I have to order my own food, and my own fatty impulses like to say things like 'nah just go with the pizza man'
-Drinking- I rarely drink, and not to excess, but it's hard to turn down a few beers or glasses of wine when out with friends, and drinking usually very, very bad for a diet
-Getting compliments, especially from women- I am horrible with this. Someone says something like 'You look great! Have you been losing weight?' and it's seriously cake binge time. My brain rationalizes it like 'Clearly you look awesome, so eff this dieting nonsense, because cake is totally win'
-Eating at the dining halls- Yeah I'm pretty bad at the dining halls. Generally, you can take as much pizza, cake, and pasta as you want, AND NO ONE CARES. I try to stay shy of them when dieting.

Anyways, I don't even know if you wanted this information, but I'm bored at work AND an attention whore, so here we are.


Rich / January 13, 2006 1:03 PM

A note on cashews, have you ever noticed that if you get a canister of mixed nuts ('now with more cashews') one tends to hunt for the cashews and to a lesser extent the filberts and pecans while eating the peanuts as a feeble filler.

As was duly noted in an online comic that isn't really all that funny, the internet with it's offer of semi anonymity when combined with a seemingly normal person tends to create a real jerk.

You could get a beater bike and go crazy on that. Friend of a friend's bike shop. Biking in NYC is fun fun.

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