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  • Chocolate Obsession: Chocolate Motherlode Cake: Guess what Chocolate Obsession is about? GUESS! Okay, good job. I'm glad they linked to my site or else I may not have heard about this GREAT GREAT BLOG ABOUT CHOCOLATE, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T GET MUCH GREATER THAN CHOCOLATE. The post I linked to is about an absolutely monstrous six-layer chocolate cake that can either be the thing of dreams, or the thing of nightmares. As much as I love chocolate, I cannot imagine daring to ever try it since its presence would probably add a few pounds to my pinky finger. The funny thing is that Wei actually told me an involved story about the time he ate the cake (at least I think it was the same one). HE ATE THE CAKE. Hell, someone actually ORDERED the cake. I couldn't really picture the cake in my head because it sounded so ridiculously unreal (along with the name of the restaurant, Claim Jumper), but there it is, and it's still ridiculously unreal. It's a good story; you should hear it.
  • The Fresh Loaf: Guess what this blog is about? Alas, it's another favorite topic of mine! Sweet. If you've never baked bread (like me, a most terribly unlearned baker, but quite good at eating the results), you may want to look at the baking primer.
  • IHOP Brings Back "All You Can Eat" Pancakes: Oh Jesus. Until February 19th, you can eat ALL THE FREAKIN' PANCAKES YOU WANT, for the low low price of $4.99! Why would you want to do this? Drunken stupor? Bad dare? Pancakes are one of those things you can't eat a crapload of; I know, I've tried. I think pancakes form a huge anvil-like mass in your stomach, preventing you from thinking of much else besides, "Why did I eat so much pancake?" You'll regret it.
  • bread, bread all around: I love how two of the funniest blogs about food (in my opinion) aren't really food blogs. Yong Fook is one of em. If you don't think he's funny, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? Anyway, I'm chatting with Allen right now about bread (because "baked goods" is a hot topic when you chat with me; the excitement never ends!...oh god, no wonder I'm so unpopular) and a little googling brought me to Yong Fook. His rant about Japanese bread is hilarious, although I'd give the bread at least a 4/5. For one thing, I don't think Japanese bread is as dense as he makes it seem. Actually, to me it's very light and fluffy, like a cloud...made of yeasty dough. I LOVE Japanese bread because it's so thick. I prefer to buy my bread uncut so I can slice to my heart's content, fulfilling my desire for eating thick slices and weilding large knives to cut the thick slices. When I bought a loaf of bread from Blue Ribbon Bakery, they did slice it for me but in thick, Japanese-esque slices. Oooh, delicious. However, that's where the resemblance to Japanese bread ended, as methinks it didn't have much sugar or egg (if any) because it went stale about 3 minutes after I ate a fresh slice. This is an example of a crazy slice of Japanese bread:
    honey butter toast
    honey butter toast

    But that's obviously not meant for a sammich. Ain't it a beaut? I'd love some honey butter brick-like toast. That is the toast of my dreams. I have weird dreams. ...And this is getting too long.

  • Cakehead: Google has the best corporate cafeteria: And the most insane drink dispensive ice sculpture. You have to see it.
  • Raw Food, brought to you by Nexium: Because the best source of health information is from a drug company. And you should get all your information about meat from Zip4Tweens.
  • Gothamist: Girl gets raped in East Side bar: I'm linking to a specific comment, the one that's most informative and not moronic like some of the others. I've never been to a bar and I don't like to drink (hoorah?) but if you do...uh. Well, obviously, I hope this doesn't happen to you or anyone else.
  • Restaurant Week 2006: It's coming up in a few weeks. I've never done any of these before but this year, I want to try at LEAST one. Preferably, more than one. If you have suggestions, pass em on.


kathryn / January 4, 2006 12:53 AM

ah, claim jumper. it's in practically every mall complex in southern california, right next to the olive garden. i've had the chocolate cake; it's good but not great.

Wei / January 4, 2006 1:19 PM

I thought its an excellent cake for the size of the thing. The whole cake, we estimated to be ~ 35 lbs. And, yea, I ate most of it. My roommates at that time were no help. They were culnery wimps. :(

Ani / January 4, 2006 2:02 PM

You are my kind of foodie Robin. I LOVE bread and carbs in general. Rice, pasta, noodles, breads bring them on! MMMMMMM. Oh I linked you in my Monday post.

Michelle / January 4, 2006 5:35 PM

i was so surprised when i stumbled upon your blog.... someone that likes menupages!? food? haha chinese bakeries!? reading your blog is so much fun, and it makes me happy to know, that there is someone else in nyc that is doing the same things im doing. eating everything in sight.

i think my friend is actually majoring in food studies at nyu as well. when she told me that, i almost dropped fashion design to go study food.

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