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a sudden craving + links

I don't watch much TV. It's distracting. It's loud. It plays commercials that try to sell me crap I don't want. More importantly, I can't feasibly watch TV because I'm on my computer 24 hours a day (I've got an IV hookup). However, I was just roaming around the Internet because, hell, what else am I going to do with my life, and came upon a torrent for the first season of Anthony Bourdain's A Cook's Tour. Hm. [strokes chin]

After leaving my computer on for a few days, channeling its insomniac hyper-downloading mode, I got the first season. Woo! So I watched a couple of episodes. Woo! And I became quite nauseous from the hand-held camera movements to the point that I don't think I can watch any more episodes without feeling my stomach do the "You upset me and now I shall vomit" dance. Less woo!

...Yeah, I really can't watch TV shows, especially those involving food. After watching the episode in Vietnam, I really really really want Vietnamese food, in ways I've never wanted it befoooore. It's an easy task because I never crave Vietnamese food. The two times I've really gone out for it in NYC was 1) with friends else who wanted it more than I did and 2) with a friend who was as indifferent as I was about what we ate for dinner and chose Vietnamese because that was the closest restaurant.

But I'd really like some Vietnamese food now. Or later today. Or tomorrow. Anyone else up for it? Thursday afternoon? Thursday night? Chinatown? Teapot cactus? Poodle mittens? Bueller? (I'm losing my mind; don't ask.)

It's around 3:30 AM so maybe I'll change my mind soon. Wait, I should be sleeping. Jesus. The drawback of blogging is that I get to puke my brains at the click of a mouse. I want Vietnamese food and you don't care that I want Vietnamese food but I'm going to tell you that I want Vietnamese food because I can press the "publish" button. You're doomed. I'm doomed. We're one big happy family. Or...rather, a kind of small family. A three-person family. We're a family in China with one child.

Uh. Oh, I have links. I'm too lazy to do the full-out food porn + overview of my food filled day, but I guess I'll have to do that later. Here's one boring thing:

egg sammich
egg sammich

I made an egg and snow pea sammich two nights in a row. Tasty, filling, and faster to cook[insert a witty comparison]. Hey, I tried. Actually, I didn't, which is the problem. It's faster than rolling a ball of yarn.

Okay, random link time.

  • Weeber World: I Heart Guts!: So it's not really food related, but it's organ related. You have organs and they digest your food. Hell, you can eat organs too. Preferably not your own species, but hey, whatever floats your boat. These drawings are insanely cute and if they made an intestine t-shirt, I'd pick it up in a heartbeat. Or...intestine beat. Do intestines beat? Not by themselves. ...Well. They must gush around and stuff. Think about that the next time you eat something. Be one with your intestines. ...Padawan. [via Preshrunk
  • Pagliei's Dumpling Jewelry: Aw, that's cute. I don't like jewelry, but if I did, I'd request food-shaped jewelry. I could show it to my friends, thus ensuring them that I am truly insane. [via notcot]
  • Coolhunting: Evan's Favorite Food Stuff: Yup, I'm giving you a link to a page with more links.
  • Table of Condiments that Periodically Go Bad: Ha ha ha. Someone has too much time on their hands. If butter goes bad in 1.5 months, I need to use my butter...a month ago.
  • Office Glico: GODDAMN JAPAN, MAKING ALL THIS COOL STUFF! I can't read Japanese but two people mentioned this to me as a self-serve convenience snack thinger that looks like the storage drawer system I have in my closet at home. Yeah, that was a really bad description. I guess the drawer system makes it fit in better in an office environment. However, it does stand out in one aspect. Do you see the coin deposit? IT IS SHAPED LIKE A FROG. FROG. I the only person who thinks this is hilarious? My god. I guess it keeps the Japanese office workers happy. I'd be happy. [via jetalone]


eastsidegirl / January 5, 2006 9:50 AM

Now you made me want Vietnamese food, too.

When I lived in Boston, I had several Vietnamese favorites. And in Pittsburgh of all places, there is an awesome Vietnamese place called Tram's Kitchen.

But in New York, I almost feel like there are too many choices and I don't know where to go. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

mzn / January 5, 2006 10:24 AM

Damn you're good at surfing the web. Damn good.

I have forwarded the I Heart Guts link to my father the gastroenterologist (that's tummy doctor in English).

Wei / January 5, 2006 1:13 PM

Snow pea + eggs.. hm.. interesting combo. I think i've done just about every veggie + eggs except snow pea. Oh.. a girl that doesn't like jewery.. I didn't know such a person existed in the world.. :O

roboppy / January 5, 2006 10:24 PM

eastsidegirl: I did go out for Vietnamese, hehe! Went to Cong Ly; it was super cheap and super good. It makes me wonder what the point of making my own food is when I can walk a bit and get something SO MUCH BETTER.

mzn: I have no life...or surfing the web = life. (sob)

I hope your dad likes the site! :) Doctors should decorate their offices with cute organs. I'd feel much more at ease. ...Or maybe not because the place would seem insane. But. CUTE ORGANS! WEE!

Wei: Anything can go with eggs. ANYTHING! As for the jewelry thing, I also don't like makeup, or accessories, or bags, or shoes, or...I dunno, other things. I'm so low maintenance! :O

Mona: Sure, it would take me less than 5 minutes. ;D

Valerie / January 6, 2006 1:02 AM

You might also be interested in seeing Anthony Bourdain's newer show "No Reservations," as shown on the Travel Channel. I haven't seen A Cook's Tour, but it sounds pretty similar and is pretty amusing. Some of it makes you hungry, while other parts make you not want to eat what he's eaten! :)

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