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spoof sushi eating documentary

You must watch this Documentary on Japanese Sushi. clicked it, yes? RIGHT? If not, click it.

...nah, I don't think you clicked it...

...okay. Good boy. [pat pat]

Actually, it may not make much sense to you if you're not very familiar with Japanese cuisine/culture. I'm only somewhat familiar though and I thought it was hilarious (like the not-so-sanitary towel part, the explanation of the different kinds of tuna, the prolonged soy sauce dipping). If you're not very familiar with Japanese culture, just know that the video isn't true and is more of a guide to what not to do when eating sushi. [via Japundit]

Now, my children: DISCUSS.

Okay, you don't have to. Thanks for the comments on the previous entry; yes, I will reply to them in some shape or form. Those, and the comments about blogging from the last millennium. A quick mention of yesterday night's fooding: I went to Congee Village with a friend and the cost of our meals together was less than my dinner on Thursday evening at Men Kui Tei. Of course, the congee was great, although the dumplings sucked. I'll write more about my gorging later, such as after I write more of this ten page essay due on Monday.


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