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thank you + chocolate

Thanks for the replies on my last entry! They've made me rethink my thesis (although...I didn't really have one in the first place) and are a great help. Some of you touched upon ideas that I wrote in my draft, not that I would have wanted any of you to read the draft since it was horrible ( had no thesis). I'll talk more about my essay later plus other things of food-related nature (such as every waking moment of my life) but first, the "chocolate" part of this entry.

...Nope, I'm not giving you any, although I wish I could. If you're in NYC, there's a chocolate tasting/buying session going on tomorrow evening that one of my classmates told me about since she's interning for the woman who runs the business:

NEVERMIND, it was cancelled!


kathryn / December 1, 2005 12:32 AM

my god, that sounds very tempting. and possibly BAD since i demolished a chocolate cupcake from 'wichcraft this afternoon, and ate a whole box of organic truffles from whole foods this past week.

but i would like to go with you! i'll probably text or instant message you in the afternoon.

Wei / December 2, 2005 4:43 PM

You know.. I'd never thought I would say this, but I can't beleive there's such a thing as a food tease in this world. ;_;

Canceling a food tasting.. that's just wrong.. :p

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