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the mark of a chef, and the scone of death

sign of a (clumsy) chef
sign of a (clumsy) chef

Surprisingly, I've never gotten badly injured in a cooking class. This burn isn't that bad at all, but it's the worst thing that's happened (no chopped fingers/other appendages!). Two days after putting my arm on a hot metal surface (hot because I had put a hot pot on it--not smart), a slightly triangular dark brown splotch has appeared where my skin cells transformed into crispy dead things. It doesn't hurt nor has it gotten scabby, so I can't say I care that much. My teacher said chefs frequently get burns on that part of their arms.

When I initially realized I burned myself, I thought "Eh, it's not bad." A few moments later, I realized the burnt part started feeling kinda tingly and the skin didn't look quite like the surrounding skin. My brain is slower than the melting ice caps.

sesame crusted tuna
sesame crusted tuna

The main dish I made on Wednesday was sesame crusted tuna. It came out alright, even though I probably cooked it for too long. The green sauce is cilantro and coconut chutney, basically a bunch of cilantro mixed with coconut milk, dried coconut, lime juice and spices. Shove it in a food processor and voila: green goo. But impressive green goo!

(I like saying "goo".)

So. Enough of that. This morning I went to Whole Foods to buy some ingredients for a recipe I'm testing for my Food Production and Management class. Since I don't have to make it until next week, I just bought dry ingredients, which included a buttload of herbs , spices and pine nuts. The bulk spices in square plastic containers were cheaper than the smaller but nicely packaged, screw-top ones, which means I now have a crapload of dry parsley and "butcher's pepper" (I think it's just coarsely ground black pepper) among other things. I suppose now I'll just put parsley and pepper on everything that could use a dash of ...taste.

I also picked up a spelt coconut scone since I've never had a spelt scone from Whole Foods before (not because I was hungry). My opinion? It's good. Probably more crumbly than a normal scone, but not dry. However, the weirdest thing happened: it made me so full to the point I couldn't finish it. No, it wasn't one of those ginormous mutant scones (you know...those), just a normal one. However, I ate it over a 1-2 hour period while twiddling away on my computer at work. I've read that it takes 20 minutes for your body to register that it's full, but for me I think it's more like 1-2 hours. Because my brain is insanely slow, in all respects. I just got tired of the scone after a while and decided I didn't want to eat it anymore, even though it tasted good. This is very rare in the world of Robyn, if you haven't noticed already. It's not like when I used to throw out bread crust from a one pound loaf (you know, when I used to eat one pound loaves througout the course of a day), as this was just a small part of an already small scone. But. Anyway.

It's disapppointing to not have an appetite by the time lunch rolls around. "WHAT THE HELL AM I GONNA EAT? I should eat! I have a lunch break. But. I'M NOT REALLY HUNGRY. OH MY GOD, this is like a nightmare of gastronomic proportions!" My life turned upside down for a brief moment of fooding confusion.

eel and cucumber sushi

So naturally, I went to JAS Mart and got sushi for lunch. Remember how I said I wasn't hungry? Well. Sushi is one of those foods that has the ability to make me hungrier. It doesn't always happen, but after eating my 8-piece eel and cucumber sushi, I thought "Er, I could eat more." No, I didn't actually eat more, but I COULD'VE. The potential was there! The potential for MORE FACE STUFFAGE!

...dude, I'm tired. What the hell am I writing about? ...Oh, there was an overall message I was hoping to get across.

I don't usually eat breakfast because I'm just not hungry enough. If I don't eat breakfast, my tummy is rumbly and good by the time lunch rolls around know, digest lunch. I've been told for most of my life (not that I've heeded the advice) that people should eat breakfast or else they won't be able to function, their brains will atrophy, they will forever be unloved, puppies will die, and so on. My mum didn't care about breakfast and I never bought the idea of "THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF YOUR LIFE" since I always did well in school despite the lack of filling my body with fruit, cereal, or some other breakfast item before class (I don't think eating breakfast would've made me any smarter). for whether or not one should breakfast, it's relative. I know there are people who are hungry in the morning and wouldn't be able to function without something, in which case, eeeaat. And then there are people like me who just wake up and go because we hardly expend any energy worthy of eating breakfast for.

...I don't think that was the overall message I wanted to get across, but it's sleepy time. Writing blog entries late at night is a really bad idea, by the way. These things just keep on getting worse.


Wei / October 22, 2005 1:54 AM

You should put aloe on that burn. It'll help it a bunch. Trust me on that one. I've gotten a lot of experience in that area. ;)

That tuna looks really good. :o

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