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apples of the damned

I just ate this totally funky taro red bean coconut glutinous rice thing (like zhong zi) from Viet-Nam Bahn Mi So 1. For a bit of unecessary backstory, only once before have I had a sweet zhong zi with dates and red bean. Result? Not so good. Or simply, just bad to the point it made me wonder why anyone would eat it.

Today's funky taro whatnot rice triangle had the same effect, except I actually ate most of it (because I'm a moron). Anything that touched the taro tasted like crap, like my previous experience; you think the main part will taste different than how it ends up tasting, which is "crap". Have I just had the unfortunate experience of having two funky glutinous rice things or are they all like that? Savory ones always taste good. Bring on the meat.

Thankfully, besides the funky glutinous rice, I also bought a pack of five summer rolls. With pork. They're quite good. The only other place I can think of to buy summer rolls that isn't a restaurant is Whole Foods, but I think they make larger ones, which isn't something I prefer.

I've actually been in a state of non-hunger all day, but I figured I should eat something or I might not be a happy camper tomorrow. For lunch, I had a grand meal of half an apple. I wasn't hungry to begin with and somehow became less hungry when my mouth was zapped with sourness as I bit into the apple. Crap, what the hell did I buy? They're green, but they're not ...a regular kind of green apple. I think. Unless it was labeled incorrectly. Dammit, now I have a bunch of apples I don't want. Maybe I'll make applesauce out of the damned apples (or does "apples of the damned" sound more dramatic?).

But WAIT, for it is the season to rejioce. Why? PERSIMMONS! THEY'RE HERE! IN MY KITCHEN! Or at least in Chinatown. I bought 5 beautifully plump, orange, and not quite ripe Japanese persimmons for $2 on Mott Street today. In my belly, soon they will be.

...but probably not tonight since that glutinous rice crap is still floating around mah belly. Uh oh.

I've definitely put on some weight in the past few days. (pokes self) Not from wheat, at least. Yes, I'm still WHEAT FREE, 10th day in a row, which isn't very long at all. I sort of cheated by eating spelt, but I didn't eat that much. So. I don't know. (sigh) Today I skipped out eating a freshly made onion tart that looked damn tasty. WILLPOWER, I HAVE.

...okay, more like WHEEZY LUNG, I HAVE. Oh yeah, that organ? It's still wheezy. I've needed to use my inhaler twice in the past 7 days, which ain't cool, even more so considering the time I had to use it was in the middle of the early morning when I would've rathered preferred being in a state of...sleep. I finally made an appointment for a doctor's check up in my school's health center, although that's not until November 2nd. It's doubtful that I'd die before then.


tian / October 18, 2005 7:48 PM

I was reading about spelt. Many sites said it's an alternative to wheat sensitive ppl because it's lower in gluten. And to make you feel better, it's higher in protein, fibre and other things I can't remember now.

So, you didn't cheat. Three cheers for Robyn's willpower (:

Wei / October 19, 2005 2:32 PM

I'm surprised you've had such bad experiences w/ sweet zhong zi. The only time I've ever had some "bad" ones were when they really went bad. One of the chinatown markets sold some in a plastic bag recently. I bought some, but they almost went bad immeadly after I put them in my fridge. Turned out to be nasty not due to what was inside.. but what was invading it from the outside, but I ate it anyways. :D

As for the apples, put them outside for a few days and they'll ripe up.

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