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Ogawa Cafe, wheat, falling behind

Crap, it's 2 AM and I'm going to write about what I ate two days ago. I'm slipping, folks. Slipping into a deep, rice-filled crevice. Of sushi.

three roll lunch
three roll lunch
Ogawa Cafe
Ogawa Cafe

I went to Ogawa Cafe since I've passed it a bunch of times and...well. It's there. They obviously have sushi. Where does sushi go? Into my stomach. That's all I need.

I ordered the three roll lunch special (comes with salad or miso soup) of spicy tuna, sweet potato tempura, and eel and avocado. It was all good, naturally, although I was most struck by the sweet potato since I had never eaten it before. A starch wrapped in starch? Doesn't that go against some kind of culinary principle? ...nah. It's delicious. It feels a bit unbalanced but I shouldn't talk, seeing as I'd considering yogurt and chocolate to be a complete meal, you know, covering my sugar and dairy quotients of the day.

The restaurant is very small, with about 12 seats (wooden tables and chairs; the inside has a very...woody feel), so it probably does a lot of take-out. I think it's Chinese run judging from what I overheard, unless my knack for telling the difference between Chinese and Japanese (not too hard since they sound really different) disappeared. I was the only customer for a long time, but a delivery man went out a few times and near the end, a few people came in for lunch. Although I'm not sure if I'd come here again, it's fast and reasonably priced (about $11 with tip).

So. That's my vague review.

goddamn cookies
goddamn cookies

About the wheat: I didn't plan on eating it again even though I completed my 2-week wheat sabbatical as I still haven't figured out what to do about my asthma (I haven't had to use my inhaler for a while though), but the presence of Swedish cookies was a tad much for me. I bought them to bring into my "Food & Society" class, in which a few people bring food in each week that's related to the readings. One of our readings was about a Swedish woman rediscovering her mother's recipes and finding that most of them weren't Swedish, except for desserts. So. Cookies. Bags of. The possibility of eating 1000 calories in the form of these cookies caused me to throw out the remains of the Mi-Del ones (they're really tasty though, I highly recommend them). I also tried to share as many of the ginger snaps as I could with a friend during my Food Production class. Since there wasn't an insane amount of cookies left in that bag, I kept it, although I had nearly finished it that night.

But...the cookies weren't the actual catalyst to my carb binging. The Washington Square CSA (my contribution was making the website) was having a end-of-the-season party in the kitchen, so...I went. Hey, free food! It's a slight perk of paying a gazillion dollars for college and being in the food department, yes? At first I only ate the salad and the potato, ie the non-wheat things, but there was also freshly baked mozzerella-topped bread (hey, we were in a kitchen after all) and plates of barely-touched (for some crazy reason) spiced squash bread, snickerdoodles, brownies, and ginger cookies.

I tried em all. Yes. Trying all sweets possible is the Robyn way of life. (The Robyn way of life will probably result in diabetes; we'll have to wait and see.)

I'd elaborate more but it's 2:30 AM. An amusing thing I came across this afternoon while looking around the kitchen for aluminum foil (which didn't exist), I opened one of my roommate's drawers to find bags of miniature Halloween candies. Bags that had all been opened and sampled. My roommate eats pretty healthily, so I was surprised, but then maybe she didn't eat too many of them. I actually just lied about eating all sweets possible; I draw the line at generic Halloween candy. Or I should. Let's put it this way: if I eat little Hershey bars and such, I'll be at the point where I'm ready to kill someone for something fatty and sugary.

Or something. Don't want to be over-dramatic.


Kathy / October 29, 2005 3:56 AM

I've passed by Ogawa Cafe so many times on the way to my Opium class on Cooper Square. Was always skeptical about giving it a try - but now I wished I did! Starch on starch? sounds like my kind of meal. yum!

Lisa / October 29, 2005 11:26 AM

That picture of the eel sushi looks good...mmmm.
My take on the generic halloween candy thing is that the portions are so small that you're never really satisfied and finish wanting more. So usually you eat more and stuff it in your mouth. My the time you add up the calories of all of th minis, you realize that it's either the same amount or more calories as a regular bar (it only takes 3 minis to add up to one bar)!

Wei / October 29, 2005 8:04 PM

I can't believe that people would pass up the snickerdoodles and the brownies.. what's up with that??

I think i've had sweet potatoe/yam tempura before. Its ok, since I'm usually expecting something salty rather than something sweet w/ all the shrimp/veggies.

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